Must See – City Inside Out Pt 2; Stories in Second Life

City Inside Out (moderate)

Some days I want to reach through the screen and forcibly teleport you to the location I’m discussing. Some days those locations are so incredible, important, and/or magical that I firmly believe they should be experienced by everyone.

City Inside Out by Haveit Neox fits all of those criteria.

Before I tell you about Part 2 of this installation, Stories, allow me a brief recap for those who have forgotten, or missed, my post when it first opened.

City Inside Out (moderate)

In Hav’s words: To someone without a home living on the streets, the bustling city becomes one united exterior. “City Inside Out”, explores a world that lacks interiors. Some pedestrians throw coins into the beggars’ hats, others bark insults to their faces. Joggers, dog walkers, groups of boisterous friends, clean people in new clothes, romantic couples, cell phone conversations, shiny traffic, wash their daily tides of health and prosperity past the homeless.

This artist has built a city, on multiple levels, which leaves you the visitor on the outside of the “normal” lives being lived. You are in the position of the homeless – looking in, looking on, invisible to the others and on the receiving end of their (often) casual cruelty. It’s also beautiful!

City Inside Out (moderate)

Part 2 of the installation officially opens tomorrow (Saturday, May 30) afternoon with a reception. Within the subterranean level you will find short stories written by Second Life residents about their perceptions of Real Life homelessness.

“The texts are written on panels distributed along the freshly expanded network of underground passageways. Walking within the subterranean labyrinth is like walking throughout a book. Read these touching accounts from the participating writers.”

If you wish to contribute your memories or observations, send them to Haveit Neox in a notecard and IM. He will continue to add to the Story exhibit until June 25.

City Inside Out (moderate)

City Inside Out will be available for you to visit until June 30. If you’ve already visited – you should return for Part 2.

If you have yet to go experience this extraordinary work then I beg, implore, entreat, instruct, order, direct, command, demand, exhort, require, request, and bid you to do so! Don’t make me reach through your computer screen!

Once you have, thank whichever lucky stars brought Haveit Neox to Second Life.

City Inside Out (moderate)
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  1. thanks so much for this interesting post.

  2. caramia Mizin

     /  May 30, 2015

    Hi Honor, after reading your very expressive passionate blog about “City Inside out”, I with my friend Q, went exploring the sim, we were gasping with amazement, so much so, that we have passed on the LM to other friends, congrats to Haveit Neox.

    Cheers, caramia

  3. This tourist from Jupiter seems to love the spot:


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