Make the World Go Away in Second Life

Babys Ear (adult)

Sometimes you want the real world to go away for a while, it can be very ugly. These thoughts, of course, reminded me of the song. For those who remember it, I haven’t linked to the Eddy Arnold version. Instead I went back to the original by the fabulous Timi Yuro. :)

Babys Ear (adult)

My escape route is inworld – a chance to play with the camera. I got lucky today and discovered that Neva Crystall’s new home sim is open to us (I thought I’d missed it after seeing Inara’s post, but something obviously changed).

Babys Ear (adult)

Neva has a welcoming message for us: Welcome to Neva’s Baby’s Ear, my home away from home. There are no fences nor ban lines throughout the sim, so let free your wanderlust and enjoy your stay.

Also, for those convinced that everything labelled adult somehow means there will be sex and violence … nope not a whit of either here.

Babys Ear (adult)

One of the reasons taking pics tends to let me escape other thoughts is that there are a lot of details to keep in mind. I have to focus.

For example, I hate the typical horizon we often get in shots. The next image is a good illustration of what happens when I forget one of the details and don’t derender the water. It would have been a much better image. sigh

Babys Ear (adult)
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  1. Reblogged this on Windlight Magazine and commented:
    Honour McMillan reviews Baby’s Ear, a great photogenic location!

  2. Spanki Moulliez

     /  September 4, 2015

    I thought the black and white shot was from RL for a moment. Pretty pics and location, I will go visit.

  1. Make the World Go Away in Second Life - Babys E...

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