Second Life & A Murder of Crows

The End of Time (moderate)

We all have problems. Some are bigger than others, many seem trivial to those dealing with worse, but the truth is we still have to work our way through whatever fate has dealt us. Problems in our lives don’t go away, and don’t become less real, just because somebody else has trials we wouldn’t wish to share.

I read a passage in a book many years ago that went something like this: Everybody has 71 problems. When you solve one another will arrive to take its place. The trick in life is to not have 72.

I now have 72. It involves crows. To provide visual interest as a backdrop for this little vent I went to visit a region named Crow. The build is called The End of Time and you can find out more about this group of islands on their webpage.

The End of Time (moderate)

The other day I was complaining because a pair of nesting crows, in the large tree outside my window, were yelling at a raccoon. They squawked LOUDLY for hours before it finally wandered off.

I was attempting to work and, when calm requests for silence didn’t achieve anything, I tried yelling at them. It didn’t work and it turns out they don’t like that.

Not only do they resent this type of aggression on our part, they don’t forget it. Or you. They hold grudges. In fact they can pick you out of a crowd – your identity is firmly imprinted. Not content with adding you to their enemies list, they share your bad-guy status with others of their kind in the neighbourhood.

The End of Time (moderate)

I walked to the store yesterday. These two birds (living rent free I might add) followed/harrassed/dive-bombed me for blocks. They were waiting when I returned and did a fine job of showing me just how big their grudge is.

Apparently I only have to try and survive for the next 6 weeks (what!?!) before they leave for a communal roosting location.

My friend Saffia suggested that I appease them. She thinks I should tie string to pieces of raw meat and drape them over branches on the tree. Every day.

This is not going to happen. Not only am I not going to buy steak for something trying to peck out my eyes, but they’d never leave. They’d tell their friends and then my tree would become the communal roost. Nope, not doing that.

The End of Time (moderate)

I do have to be able to leave the house and it requires passing that tree. I’m also going to have to be able to work out there – mowing the lawn is occasionally required.

My plan involves a combination of hard hat, umbrella, and a disguise. I was thinking a fake moustache and beard could help.

The singer in this video obviously has had the same problem. I’m not sure I want to go with her solution, but if things get much worse I’ll try anything.

Oh yeah, one other thing – if they like the tree they come back year after year. They also remember you. sigh

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  1. girlforgetful

     /  May 28, 2015

    I wonder if a decoy hawk or owl would scare them away. Maybe something noisy, like cans or a big windchime?

    • They have babies – and they’ll take on eagles. I want the babies to live and be healthy, I’d just like the same for myself .:)

  2. orijinalchris

     /  May 30, 2015

    Funny (obviously not for you) story. Go on, you have to admit, if you read this about someone else, you’d think it was funny (: Nice that murdering the crows is not part of your solution… and, judging by the degree of their vindictive memory, I’d seriously not consider removing the tree.

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