Gather Your Memories of the Forgotten City in Second Life

Forgotten City (general)

It’s been one of my favourite locations on the grid for many years. Jeanne Dibou’s fabulous Forgotten City is a magical place, maintained by the automatons left behind when the residents abandoned it.

Forgotten City (general)

I’ve posted multiple times about this destination, the JD Mechanical Toy Factory, and Jenne. She’s the talent who created my house. I am obviously emotionally attached to the place.

Forgotten City (general)

It was, you’ll understand, sad news to me that the sim is being sold. We have another week or so to poke around and gather enough memories to sustain us.

Forgotten City (general)

If you’ve never been – you must go!! Forgotten City is full of characters, vignettes, mechanical bridges, a tugboat that will give you a tour, air vehicles that will take you around, big buildings, small alleys, and machines of all sizes and descriptions.

Take the time to explore this amazing City. Enjoy!

Forgotten City (general)
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    Honour McMillan reviews the Forgotten City before it leaves SL:

  2. So sad to see so many icons going away, Communities that where once the biggest ones in second life are going away and most for a single reason, tiers to high to maintain in a real world where all is getting worse.

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