LEA3, Volunteers, & A Second Life Gateway in Progress

Detail from Garden of Earthly Delight, a Work in Progress by Tomm Pye (general)

Waaaay back at the beginning of the year I mentioned a team of LEA Volunteers that we were forming. This was to be, and is, the focus of most of my time inworld and much has happened since January.

With 29 sims of art (of all kinds) which change frequently, the scale and scope of what’s there is overwhelming. We are working on the visitor experience. The Volunteers’ mission is to help residents understand what’s going on and to help them find exhibits, events, and resources that are of interest.

LEA3 (general)

We’ve begun repurposing LEA3 as a Gateway to the remainder of the sims. The area now hosts a map with tp links to all 29 regions, an event board, information notecards (which are being translated into as many languages as we can), giant posters which appear when Artists officially open their exhibits, and art.

Volunteers staff the Welcome Area as often as their schedules permit, but they also work to support artists by publicizing their efforts, attending openings and events, giving tours to groups which request them, and soon will be working with the Photo Hunt team (more on that to come).

LEA3 (general)

The Welcome Area is surrounded by a “park” full of examples of inworld art by a variety of creators. The displays will change, as will the Welcome Area itself as we learn what works and what’s needed. This is an evolutionary process. :)

The Team now has 43 enthusiastic Volunteers and you’re invited to join. Just contact me inworld, I do training and orientation every month.

Whether you’re interested in becoming one of the Team or not, when you’re looking for a starting point to explore 29 regions of art, come to LEA3. The Gateway doors are open!

Sauce by Maya Paris (moderate)

Designing Worlds recently did an episode on the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) and the Volunteer Team. They’ve included background on the impetus behind the donation of these sims, and do interviews with three of the current Artists in Residence showing their installations. Thank you to AView TV for allowing me to share the video, it’s well worth watching.

Cica Goes Surfing in Second Life

Spanish Wells (moderate)

I was determined to do a blog post today – even though I’ve been very distracted (more on that in a bit). I finally followed Ziki and others to Spanish Wells.

Imagine you had a surfing sim and wanted a special landscape – the first person you might think of is Cica Ghost – you know, Cica of Rust and Little Village among other great builds.

Spanish Wells (moderate)

If she wouldn’t have been the person you thought of, I’m very very glad that this sim owner – shannon Cardalines – was smart enough to do so.

This is not your standard beach, it’s pure Cica. From the Sand Man – who dislodges a few grains every time he moves – to the truly outrageous trees and quirky animals, it’s a landscape you’ll love.

Spanish Wells (moderate)

I took a friend with me to see Spanish Wells. He re-appeared a few days ago in SL after an absence of many years. I don’t just mean pre-mesh, we’re talking pre-Windlight.

He’s been blown away by the amazing sims and the changes he’s seen. It takes something like watching him rediscover the grid to realize just how far we’ve come.

Spanish Wells (moderate)

Getting to show him something that is both practical – well, you do get to surf – and artistic and beautiful was fun.

Helping him update his avatar is a little more difficult given my challenges in the shopping area – but I’m working on it. In the meantime, I’m thoroughly enjoying his enthusiasm for sights that I might have been taking for granted. :)

Spanish Wells (moderate)

Becoming & Birds in Second Life

Becoming by Meilo Minotaur & Capcat Ragu (moderate)

It is time once again to revisit La Città Perduta (The Lost Town), where the locals invite artists to populate their community with the wild and wonderful. AKILAE Gant and Sivi Kelberry curate the art in their Town and they have a superb track record.

The current exhibit is Becoming by Meilo Minotaur and Capcat Ragu.

Becoming by Meilo Minotaur & Capcat Ragu (moderate)

When I think of these two artists it is in the context of avatars; the nature of avatars as an act of self, avatars as art, as expressions of inner demons or angels, as our constructs from whatever it is that is driving us or pushing us. Their works are also fun and sometimes bizarre.

I love them!

Becoming by Meilo Minotaur & Capcat Ragu (moderate)

If you’ve ever visited their sim Porto then you know they also create gorgeous, ethereal landscapes. Their installation here adds that dimension to the streets and buildings of La Città Perduta.

The theme, you will quickly realize, involves birds. Lots of birds. The avatars you’ll find include a pigeon in a bowler hat who is riding a skate board and wouldn’t sit for a portrait.

Becoming by Meilo Minotaur & Capcat Ragu (moderate)

As you explore the Town and the exhibit, be aware that there are supposed to be 4 Easter Eggs – if you find them you’ll acquire free avatars. The clue is “Good hunting and remember, there is not the hens that lay eggs … :)”

I found none of them – which is probably because I suck big time at hunts and because I was distracted. You see there’s this woman, who is a tree, and she burps hummingbirds.

Visit Becoming … it’s fabulous!

Becoming by Meilo Minotaur & Capcat Ragu (moderate)

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