Strings, A Superb New Work by Cica Ghost in Second Life

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

There are many wonderful artists in Second Life. I know that when I hear about a new installation by any of them that I’m going to like it.

Every now and then, the word like is a gross understatement. I love Strings, the latest work by Cica Ghost.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Cica never gives to much away in terms of her thinking behind her builds. At least not to me. This leaves me with the freedom to come up with my own theories. *grin*

On the surface, this installation is all about an outdoor concert performed for the residents of an old apartment building.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

The characters you’ll encounter are fascinating. It’s not possible to tell in a photograph of course, but they move much like any audience does.

There are subtle shifts in body position, eyes blink, heads turn, hands adjust…

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Somehow their personalities are revealed, even with the smallest of cues. I have to admit the wardrobes are fabulous!

I think, however, that strings has two meanings in this instance.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

You’ll see people on their balconies or looking out of their windows. If you go inside this old building you’ll find out more about their lives.

Specifically – their family ties. From a man waiting for his wife to come back and play chess, to a small girl drinking from a large cup at the dinner table.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

In addition to the concert and its participants/audience, Cica has created a stunning landscape where you can, if you wish, listen to your own music.

This is a beautiful snapshot of a moment in the lives of a group of people. Go see Strings – even if you don’t sense any other meanings.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Got Insomnia? See What You’re Missing at Cica’s Dreamers in Second Life!

Dreamers by Cica Ghost (general)

The latest Round of LEA Artist in Residence grants began on July 1. The recipients have a few months to work on their installations before opening, but Cica Ghost doesn’t need that much time!

Her Dreamers opens today at noon and it’s wonderful.

Dreamers by Cica Ghost (general)

The ground level offers a colourful landscape full of fantastical creatures and images (your camera finger will get a real workout).

As you wander around, and try to see everything, you’ll stumble on the group of Dreamers which give the exhibit its name.

Dreamers by Cica Ghost (general)

Click on their heads. Eight of them will transport you into their sleep-created world. Some of those landscapes are already inhabited by characters from the individual’s imagination.

Each dream is worth your time and attention – they’re quirky, and beautiful, and will inspire your own nocturnal stories.

Dreamers by Cica Ghost (general)

I took far more images than I can share in one blog post – but you’ll see many more. I ran into two of my favourite bloggers while I snapped my virtual shutter button, and both Ziki and Yana will post their own favourites. Many more will come as other photographers and bloggers get there.

This was a great way to start a new week. The exhibit will be open through December – but you’re going to want to visit over and over. There’s a lot to discover and a lot of joy to be had!

Dreamers by Cica Ghost (general)

The Delightful Distrito Distinto in Second Life

***Distrito Distinto*** (moderate)

If you are as ignorant as I (and few are), you might be unfamiliar with the concept of Distrito Distinto (Different District). What I think I now know is that we should imagine an artistic festival which involves travelling to various interiors, each inspired by a song, and each providing a unique expression of wit and creativity.

To celebrate (what I think is) the 5th Anniversary of MetaLES, the art sim curated by the brilliant duo Romy Nayar & Ux Hax, an inworld Distrito Distinto has opened with 9 participating artists.

***Distrito Distinto*** (moderate)

These talented individuals, and their chosen songs, are:

  • Bryn Oh –             “keep the streets empty for me” by fever ray
  • Cica Ghost –         “Lullaby” by The Cure
  • Maya Paris  –         X-Ray Spex, “Oh Bondage! Up Yours!”
  • Giovanna Cerise  –  “Innuendo” by Queen
  • Betty Tureaud  –   Rolling Stones,  “She’s a Rainbow “
  • Rebeca Bashly  –   “Chop Suey” by System of a Down
  • Eupalinos Ugajin – “Estudio, Trabajo Y Fusil! Rockingchair”
  • JadeYu Fhang   –   Massive Attack,  “What Your Soul Sings”
  • Alpha Auer  –         Alpha Auer,  “Grid Factory “
  • Romy Nayar –       Mylène Farmer, “Nuit d’hiver (Chloé)”
  • Selavy Oh –          Ryoji Ikeda, “Carsen Nicolai Titel 4 – 1”
***Distrito Distinto*** (moderate)

The landing spot is just next to a ticket booth. Grab your free pass and you’ll get a HUD which will transport you to the various interiors along the route of the travelling exhibit.

Make sure you have “Region Windlight” turned on and that you have sounds enabled. The music isn’t being streamed (which makes a lot of sense if you think about it) and you want to hear the songs.

***Distrito Distinto*** (moderate)

I loved all of it. I am a big fan of each of these artists, I’m a new fan of the concept, and I am a devotee of Romy/Ux and this sim.

You will find art, and humour, and music (seriously, who would have guessed that Maya would choose a song called “Oh Bondage! Up Yours!” – well, yes, most of us). More importantly, you will find a celebration appropriate for a location which regularly provides us with some of the best virtual art available anywhere.

Go enjoy! :)􀀁

***Distrito Distinto*** (moderate)
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