My First Taste of Fall in Second Life & Upcoming Weather Drama

Apple Fall (moderate)

It’s that time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) when sim owners’ thoughts turn to autumn. We’ll see more and more of the orange/yellow/brown colour schemes in the coming months, but right now Apple Fall’s home island is a good location to try out your new fall wardrobe.

Apple Fall (moderate)

I’ve been thinking a lot about weather lately and, in particular, the upcoming fall and winter. Here, in my real life section of the west coast of North America, we have been bombarded with dire – yet vague – warnings for months.

The whole thing can be boiled down to something that sounds like the title of a bad movie – EL NIÑO vs THE BLOB.

Apple Fall (moderate)

The first protagonist is one I’m sure you’ve heard of. The Pacific Ocean warms up and our weather turns wetter, or dryer, but definitely warmer. Other things happen in other places.

The second character is new. People, who like to pay attention to these things, have been watching a patch of ocean off our coast about the size of British Columbia and about 100m deep. It’s been hanging around for a while and it’s unusually warm. The technical term for it, apparently, is The Blob.

It seems that some kind of drama will happen when they meet for the first time.

Apple Fall (moderate)

I have some questions about this. Will there be a countdown clock? We have to schedule our lives, so some information would be helpful.

I assume this will be an event, not a process, in which case – will it be livestreamed? Who is doing that? We all have to start thinking about viewing parties.

I’ll be very disappointed if the two creatures meet and our new Overlords don’t rise from the deep. With that in mind, what does one wear to this kind of thing and will there be subtitles?

Apple Fall (moderate)
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