Looking Back at Bryn Oh in Second Life

Bryn Oh Retrospective (moderate)

Today is November 11, Remembrance Day (that’s what we call it here in Canada). I would have used a title like “Remembering Bryn Oh”, but she hasn’t left us – she is, however, having a retrospective of her work. You’ll find selections, both familiar and (to me at least) not, from the past 7 years of her inworld creations.

Bryn Oh Retrospective (moderate)

One of the reasons I love the exhibit is that I can appreciate her development, and journey, without my usual reaction to her large, immersive, narrative installations.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I love them but they almost always make me cry. She likes that, which gives you some insight into her twisted Ontario psyche. :)

Bryn Oh Retrospective (moderate)

The breadth of work is impressive and so is the quality. This is a great reminder, not only of her talent, but also the influence she’s had on the grid.

It’s probably inappropriate to use this opportunity for a tiny bit of revenge for all the tears she’s caused me, but I’ll point out that having a “retrospective” means she must be really old. *grin*

Bryn Oh Retrospective (moderate)

Remembrance Day is, of course, a solemn, emotional occasion and coincidentally I finally just read Old Man’s War. Some younger individuals wonder why there’s a big deal about the 100th anniversary of the first World War, forgetting that it is within touching distance of many of us. It involved our grandparents (or even parents) and their families/friends.

It’s a good day to listen to Mike Oldfield’s Nuclear – his grandfather died at Ypres and he visited the battlefield before writing the song.

It’s also a good day to look back at something positive such as Bryn Oh’s art.

Bryn Oh Retrospective (moderate)
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