Missing the Memo & Relying on Friends in Second Life and Beyond

Frisland in the Autumn (moderate)

It’s autumn on Frisland and soon to be winter. My physical world hasn’t paid attention to the calendar – it thinks we’re in mid-January. The good news is that the grass isn’t growing.

I was taking these photos when I got an IM from Eupa.  He knows I have a thing for cool avatars, and asked me if I’d picked up Meilo Minotaur’s free BobbinLace offerings.  Well no, I’ve been gone so I missed that particular memo. As it happens he didn’t know about Frisland – so it was a good exchange.

It turns out that Ziki has shared the information about a group of stores opened by artists we all know and love on Remood United. You’ll find works by Meilo, and Eupa, and Romy, and Bryn, and Whiskey, and Maya, and more.

You really need to check these out – they have the coolest stuff there. I got those avatars and now I’m going to wind up spending a fortune. :)

Frisland in the Autumn (moderate)

Speaking of missed memos – it seems there’s something that might be considered common knowledge but, somehow, I have remained ignorant about for far too long.

I was watching one of those British panel shows (you know the ones with the comedians), and a woman was talking about the need to move her litter box out of her “wealth corner”. Her Feng Shui consultant had insisted.

This sounded intriguing, so I looked it up. The wealth corner – southeast corner of your house – should have crystal and the colour purple/blue in it.

As it happens, on the back patio was an amethyst rock crystal that has been moved from house to house for decades. I put it through the dishwasher (it’s been outside for a long time) and then followed instructions, placing it right in the corner.

Frisland in the Autumn (moderate)

I buy Scratch & Win lottery tickets. The usual result is to win back what I spent or a little more. The largest amount I’ve ever won is $50. As long as I win enough to buy a few more tickets I’m happy, it’s not like I believe I’m going to get rich.

The day after putting out the crystal I won $120. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but I mentioned it to a person at the store (expecting her to laugh). She nodded and said “Of course.” She already knew about this and described her crystal and the blue cloth in her corner.

Everybody around us was nodding and started describing their own.

WTF? I am so out of this loop!

Frisland in the Autumn (moderate)

Yesterday I was talking to a lovely neighbour named Fatima. She introduced me to her adult son (who lives in one of the many towns stuck in the hippie 60s we have in this province).

I told her this story – she rolled her eyes and looked at her beloved progeny. It seems he collects crystals like some people collect stamps.

He then proceeded to tell me, in the manner in which one explains things to a particularly backward child, that crystals like to talk to each other and that I must be on the lookout for new ones to present themselves to me.

“Wait”, I said, “It needs friends?”

“Think of your home as a social network for crystals.” he replied. “They grow stronger as a community.”

There must be a memo out there about this – somebody please forward it to me.

Frisland in the Autumn (moderate)
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  1. Ha, congrats on your winning! I have a love-hate relationship with Feng Shui (I don’t believe in it 100%, but there are things you cannot unlearn if you’re Chinese). I’ll just slide this here quietly for you to peruse for fun! (Hint: to find your own ‘corner’ based on numbers. Apparently!) http://www.wofs.com/index.php?option=com_jumi&fileid=4

    • Thank you :) I don’t know what “Five Ghost” or “Six Killings” refer to, but I’m going to stay away from the southwest and west :p

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