Down the Mine Shaft in Second Life

Down the Mine Shaft (general)

I finally got a chance to try the Down the Mine Shaft Hunt – well, it’s more of a quest than a hunt. Actually, it’s multiple quests. This is my second trip to an adventure on Hakoniwa, the first was Kagami. The amount of work, and the quality, of what they do for a one month event is very impressive.

Sign in at the landing spot, get your HUD, orient yourself on the map and head down the tunnel (it’s over to your right). The first major tip I’ll give you is to click on, and talk to, the NPCs you’ll encounter. Some won’t have anything to say to you, others …..

Down the Mine Shaft (general)

This guy was tired of having the same conversation all the time (lucky me!), so when he took his break we had a nice long talk about books, and philosophy, and travel.

The two quests I discovered (there might be more) involved smashing up/collecting rocks, and gathering wood for the furnace. I’m not entirely sure about the fish, but they’re really pissed off about something.

Down the Mine Shaft (general)

Outside the mine you’ll find some very cool shops – I have to go back and pick up a few treasures there. You’ll also find a place to sit and relax, which leads me to my other tip. When you’re collecting wood? Consider that a forest might be a logical location to find some.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m a bit rushed. I have to get ready for a date ….. what do you suppose the dress code is for going to see somebody’s diamond bit?

Down the Mine Shaft (general)
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  1. faithlessbabii

     /  November 18, 2014

    I loved the mineshaft hunt SO much more interesting and fun than a traditional hunt the box type of thing.

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