Have a Seat, Enjoy the Art & High Water in Second Life

High Water (moderate)

It’s been one of those days. You want to explore, but your Avatar is tired and those new mesh feet are aching. Fear not!

High Water (moderate)

Morton Funk’s beautiful sim High Water not only provides a visually stunning backdrop for his art collection, it also includes a wealth of seating options.

High Water (moderate)

You’ll find an eclectic mix of 2D and 3D works (most of the former float on the waves). Morton has provided small disks next to each piece with a link to the artist’s URL for the curious.

High Water (moderate)

This is a wonderful collection of objects, easily explored by wading through the shallow water. But, as I said earlier, if those couches and chairs are just too inviting, take a comfortable seat and use your camera. :)

High Water (moderate)
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    Honour McMillan reviews Morton Funk’s High Water Sim:

  1. Have a Seat, Enjoy the Art & High Water in ...

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