Santa Maria dell’isola, Italy in Second Life

Santa Maria dell’isola Italy (moderate)

The last time I visited Elvira Kytorie’s beautiful island Timeless Memories, it was a stunning winter landscape. Today it is summer and we’re in Santa Maria dell’isola, Italy.

Santa Maria dell’isola Italy (moderate)

I began at the water’s edge, and then climbed up the side of a hill to a small country building and courtyard. It’s a lovely place and a great escape from whatever. :)

Santa Maria dell’isola Italy (moderate)

I hope to be blogging more often in the near future, but if I don’t it might be because I’m taking a nap. This is a soothing location for a weary traveller.

Santa Maria dell’isola Italy (moderate)
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  1. This looks like such a stunning and picturesque sim. You take incredibly lovely photos, Honour! ♥

  2. Reblogged this on Windlight Magazine and commented:
    Hnour Mcmillan reviews photogenic Santa Maria Dellisola in Second Life:

  1. Santa Maria dell'isola, Italy in Second Life | ...

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