News & Views, Safe for Diabetics in Second Life

Rayne Isles (moderate)

Loverdag led me to Rayne Isles, a pretty landscape which manages to avoid cloying even though the emphasis is definitely on “sweet”.  We’ve both used the region default Windlight and, yes, there’s a definite tinge of pink. :)

Rayne Isles (moderate)

I decided to use this location as the backdrop for some real life news items. It’s easy to forget to do an indepth survey of what’s going on in the physical world, so I spent some time yesterday catching up. I’d like to share two bits of important information you may also have missed.

Rayne Isles (moderate)

The first story is an update to the revelation that a giant comet wiped out an Antarctic civilization 13,000 years ago. The good news is that the author of this explosive theory has found “the smoking gun”. I do have to wonder how it can still be smoking after all this time though…..

Rayne Isles (moderate)

The second, and personally shocking, announcement is that the attention span of Canadians is now shorter than that of a goldfish.

This is

Rayne Isles (moderate)
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  1. Oh they were a couple of interesting links, thanks… the Graham Hancock one, and umm… the other one… the umm… yeah (memory span one) :D Two topics I find deeply fascinating. I recently re-read Uriel’s Machine by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas (published a few years after Hancock’s, which I have also read along with others of theirs), which mentions 10,000BC as the time of a flood, along with another date, perhaps citing Hancock, I’m not sure, I leant the book to my mum >.<

  1. News & Views, Safe for Diabetics in Second ...
  2. News & Views, Safe for Diabetics in Second ...

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