Just for Mesmerizing Fun! The Piccolis in Second Life

D-Lab (moderate)

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of aspects in Second Life on which I am not an expert. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’ll know that one area of my abysmal ignorance is shopping.

This post is a brief description of my visit to experience the special witchcraft produced by Dazai Voom.  If you aren’t familiar with this location –  welcome to the club!

It seems, however, that almost everybody apart from me knows about D-Lab.  Certainly all the friends I mentioned it to were aware of it. In fact they already possess their own private playgrounds full of the delights to be found herein.

D-Lab (moderate)

The store and surroundings offer a wide variety of cute & surreal objects in a landscape full of charm. The primary reason I went there, though, is to follow-up on something I saw in an earlier exploration. The Piccolis – scripted characters who carry out lengthy interactions with their environment and each other.

My static images can’t convey how mesmerizing it is to watch them. The movies on Dazai’s blog give you just a taste.

See the little guy in the blue sweater? I watched him wake up from a nap in front of a bakery, get down from his stool, cross the park, get a carrot from the vendor, jump up on the seat, and join his friend for a snack.

D-Lab (moderate)

Scripting is the purview of wizards in my simple brain – add their sorcery to adorable characters and the result is magic.

How else to explain the little one who climbed up into a treehouse, sat for a while to contemplate the neighbourhood, stood up and went over to a birdhouse, called out a bird, mounted it, flew across the area, landed the bird, dismounted, and walked over to a tree stump. He then scrambled up to the top and used it as a chair. I guess he just wanted a more comfortable seat.

These are not breedables – it’s more analagous to buying a toy which has lots of friends and accessories. If I understand it correctly, Dazai releases a group of new additions to the Piccoli family a few times a year.

D-Lab (moderate)

If you want to escape the grind of daily life (in any world), if you need to be reminded that special wonders are out there, go visit D-Lab. After you’ve spent some time exploring the little village, go into the store and see his wide range of products.

You’ll find a teleporter to the Piccoli Demo – click on that. Once you’ve arrived, just sit down and watch. Use your camera to follow the intricacies of their daily lives – you won’t want to leave.

Don’t blame me if you find lots of things to spend money on. I’m just hanging out with my new friend, enjoying the view. :)

D-Lab (moderate)
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