Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Revisits the Circus in Second Life

Romy Nayar @ Magnetize (moderate)

There are many hidden depths to the Intrepid Explorer, many adventures and exploits that she hasn’t shared. For example, did you know that, in her youth, she ran away to the circus? It’s true!

Romy Nayar @ Magnetize (moderate)

Imagine her delight when she went behind the curtain of Romy Nayar’s↑ latest installation and found this wonderful group of performers. They were very friendly and welcoming and ….. well, flexible.

Romy Nayar @ Magnetize (moderate)

After chatting for a while, and comparing notes, they demonstrated some of their expertise. I don’t think they’re attached to one of the big traveling circuses, although I’m sure any one of those shows would be thrilled to have them.

Romy Nayar @ Magnetize (moderate)

They invited the Intrepid Explorer to join in and show off her knowledge of the trapeze. Raoul was very impressed. So were the doves. You should try it out↑ yourself – tell them she said Hi! :)

Romy Nayar @ Magnetize (moderate)
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