Visiting the Future in Second Life

Future Worlds (moderate)

There’s a new double exhibit at the Art India Gallery, hosted by Veekay Navarathna↑ and curated by Quan Lavender↑. You will find visions of the future from JadeYu Fhang↑ and Thoth Jantzen↑ – two artists I enjoy and don’t see nearly as often as I’d like.

Future Worlds (moderate)

JadeYu sees a world where the combination of technology and pollution have almost eradicated human life. The cyborgs are protecting the last remaining child.

The second installation, by Thoth (and here I’m extrapolating), shows how technology can provide mind-altering experiences – or in this case, mind melting. Have media and sound enabled and wander through this bizarre, ever changing, landscape.

Future Worlds (moderate)

JadeYu’s combination of 2d and 3d art made me feel like I was immersed in a science fiction novel – it’s beautifully done. I found it extraordinary that a character with closed eyes could convey emotion.

The Mind Melter by Thoth is very different but a fabulous combination of structure and script. My mind started to wander as it melted and I think this would make a great club for what is collectively known as electronic dance music↑.

Future Worlds (moderate)

I enjoyed both of these installations. Having said that, the Mind Melter terrified me a bit. I keep hoping things like trance will disappear, but Thoth made me worry that it will take over.

I ran to my own preferred form of electronic music just to get rid of that apocalyptic vision. :p

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