For the Landscape Junkies in Second Life

Neva River (moderate)

If you follow Second Life residents on various social media outlets, you’re probably familiar with the excitement/anticipation felt by the fashion bloggers when a new release from one of their favourite designers is imminent.

There is a lot of chatter and (sometimes) impatience and then, when the big reveal happens, they are thrilled and share the good news.

Neva River (moderate)

We destination bloggers are a much smaller group, but we have the same squeeeee reaction to some builds and builders. I received an im from Ziki Questi↑ this morning which just said “Neva River is OPEN”. This started my day on a very happy note.

I should probably explain.

Neva River (moderate)

Neva River↑ is the private home sim of  Neva Crystall↑. Every now and then she redesigns her surroundings and opens the island to visitors for just two weeks.

This is always a big deal to those of us who are landscape junkies – the chance to wander around and take photographs is one we cannot miss.

Neva River (moderate)

My camera angles and image composition are even more random than usual today. I had to shoot around all of the other avatars anxious to enjoy Neva’s latest creation.

This is a sim you should visit – but remember, you only have two weeks before she re-installs that privacy fence. In the meantime, for all of my fellow bloggers/photographers/landscape lovers – Neva River is OPEN!

Neva River (moderate)
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  1. I love when Neva opens her sim up to the public. It’s a great chance for a lot of people to really take some amazing photos.

  2. Lovely pictures, and an interesting policy to open up the sim for only a few weeks.

    • Thank you! I’m always grateful to see a glimpse of what she’s done with her home. If I lived there I would’t want hordes wandering around :)

  3. Great shots and thanks for the heads-up!

    Look in the menus … Advanced > Rendering Types > Avatars
    That removes all avatars from view. Sometimes when I’m shooting and don’t plan on being in the pic I detach everything and put on a full alpha layer so others don’t see me in their pix.

    • It does yes – unfortunately it removes all mesh objects as well :) My theory is that originally it was easy for the system to distinguish the avatars as the mesh objects, when “mesh” was added to the grid it suddenly became a kluge.

      • Almost all Mesh objects, oddly, but yah. It’s another tool to think about. I also block people then remove them from the block list when I’m done shooting.

      • oooh – that’s one I keep forgetting :)

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