Wherein the Neurotic Intrepid Explorer Avoids the Philosphical Debate About Virtual Art in Second Life

Adobe Gallery (moderate)

I know I make it seem like I spend all of my art appreciation time in massive 3d immersive installations. The truth is I just spend most of my time there. :)

I also try and visit smaller locations, such as the Adobe Gallery↑, enjoying 2d creations. I don’t share them often because I have this weird feeling that taking photographs of “photographs” is a way of stealing the work. (I told you it was weird!)

Adobe Gallery (moderate)

I spent time this morning at this exhibit by Inko Kaul↑. You’ll notice, if you look carefully, that all of my captures are at a slightly offset perspective – angled, not straight on. This made me feel a tiny bit more comfortable about showing you some of his work. (Honestly, the things we do to satisfy inner conflicts …….)

Adobe Gallery (moderate)

I know there’s a great debate in some circles about the validity of considering pieces like these as virtual art. I guess it depends on whether or not you think photoshop is real life.

This matters a lot to some people who are far more inclined to a serious intellectual analysis of “art” than I. It just doesn’t matter to me.

Adobe Gallery (moderate)

I loved these works and I’m very glad I could spend time with them.

Ignore the rambling and just go visit the Adobe Gallery↑. I’d say you’ll find images by a very talented artist. I’ll let somebody else debate the larger philosophical issues. :)

Adobe Gallery (moderate)
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  1. It isn’t neurotic (sorry) to be sensitive and sensible regarding artistic property. Shooting digital images of digital images is tricky. So not weird, rather, ethical.

    Recently someone on the feed berated me for pointing to a definition I pulled from a mainstream “standard” albeit on-line dictionary. His contention was since it was digital, not 3-D, the dictionary was bogus. I was picturing this old geezer standing on his front porch, fist punching the air, ranting about the kids and their new-fangled contraptions. :)

    Computers, PShop, and the myriad of other programs, are all tools…like paint brushes and chisels. They produce different effects for different intents. Not better/worse, different.

    Now about those discussions on art vs illustration vs design vs craft vs draftsmanship vs… :D

  2. I have the same uneasy feeling about taking pictures of pictures, especially if the artist is selling them. I’ll take pictures at odd angles, or intentionally put space into the shot (as you’ve also done), and limit myself to one or two representative shots. I’m still not sure that’s unambiguously the right thing to do, but I’ve convinced myself that no one who would have purchased the art would be deterred from doing so by my pictures, and there may be someone who sees the pictures, goes to the sim, and buys something. Of course, I could just be deluding myself.

    • I’m hoping you’re not deluded – I want to share these works but need to feel comfortable I’m not somehow ripping it off.

  3. Sigh! She’s using long titles again…


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