The Art of Sound & the Dangers of Clicking, Topophonia in Second Life

Topophonia (moderate)

I didn’t really have as much time as I would have liked, but I finally made it to Topophonia↑ this morning. This is an art exhibit with “4 Realizations in Sound” by Oberon Onmura↑, Maya Paris↑, Eupalinos Ugajin↑ and Alpha Auer↑.

It’s worth mentioning that the sim is owned/supported by the Umea University of Sweden↑. If you head to ground level (once you’ve finished playing in these exhibits) you’ll see a variety of interesting works by students. They also occasionally have mixed reality exhibits. It deserves a visit!

Topophonia (moderate)

Oberon’s work consists of a series of 9 rooms, each with a different soundscape. You can create your own symphony with the choices you make as you move between the different areas. I have to admit I kept returning to the brass band trying desperately to hit just one proper note. :)

Maya gives you an opportunity to don a disguise and rob a bank. I won’t give any more details because, based on previous search results related to her installations, I’ll wind up with people looking for instructions and I won’t be responsible for their lives of crime.

Topophonia (moderate)

Eupa, I could swear, had me in mind when he designed his area. He knows I am not (in an example of massive understatement) a fan of jazz. I do know enough about his builds that you click on everything to find what he’s hidden in various odd objects.

On this occasion he not only had me entering the work, he had me become the source of the jazz notes which started playing. Someday I’ll forgive him. :)

Topophonia (moderate)

My last stop was the work by Alpha. Now, I’m predisposed to love what she does because she is the guiding light behind alpha.tribe↑, my source for magical non-standard skins. When she’s not doing that she’s creating art. In this case, you will experience the transformational joys of listening (and she includes a free avatar to help).

All 4 exhibits are reflections of art combined with soundscapes, so I shouldn’t have to remind you to turn on your sounds. But I will anyway. Go enjoy what they’ve done, remember to click on things. You never know what might happen.

Topophonia (moderate)
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  1. Thank you Honour, all four of us will be there today 27th at 1PM SLT:

    PS: making a selection of Jazz for you, be ready !

  2. Jazz sent (contact form on this blog)


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