Walking Upside Down in Second Life

World CitySphere (moderate)

I outsmarted myself again this morning (not that this is a difficult thing to do). There are some art installations I want to visit and share, but I’m very distracted by preparations for One Billion Rising in Second Life↑ and decided I would do a quick trip instead. One that I could just rush through and then the blog post would be done for the day.

Ha! I saw this photo↑ and, without reading the title or looking too closely, headed off to the World CitySphere↑.

World CitySphere (moderate)

What we have is a fairly typical cityscape with roads and streetlights and parks and 132 buildings. The ground under you, however, is a sphere.

Walking around is relatively simple – you click on the ground and a red box appears. Sit on the box and you can walk through the streets and buildings even though your avatar is very rarely perpendicular to the surface of the grid.

World CitySphere (moderate)

They recommend you keep your camera about 20m above your avatar. They also recommend windlight settings in the form of a notecard – I assume that’s for tpvs, I just played around with what I have in my menu. I really didn’t need anything else to make this the freakiest experience I’ve ever had inworld.

This build (which they point out provides a lot more space than a typical flat sim) is the product of some truly extraordinary brains: Freeloops Zanzibar and Mr Slove Fashion (script), with the participation of  Gizmo tyrant,  Denfu Loda, Coxigrue Borgin, Chikami Resident, Abracada Dreamscape and friends. I’d give you links to all their profiles but display names have defeated me again.

World CitySphere (moderate)

You can see from the photos what this did to my camera (my brain was trying desperately to metabolize enough caffeine to handle what it was seeing).

I really think you should go wander the streets of this CitySphere↑. However, please take my advice – if you have ignored my warnings before, do not ignore this one.  As a bizarre experience, this does not require any mind altering assistance. Don’t wander these streets if you’re drunk. I cannot be held responsible for the consequences if you do!

World CitySphere (moderate)
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  1. … when am I not drunk?


  2. Thanks Honourmcmillan to blog it :)


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