Procrastination is Just Too Easy in Second Life

Ukulhas Island (moderate)

I’m not going to do a blog post today. No, I am a disciplined, responsible adult and that giant pile of notecards will not get sent if I wander around the grid taking photos and indulging myself. So I won’t have anything to share and I can spend my time accomplishing something on my list of to-dos.

Ukulhas Island (moderate)

I’m certainly not going to go look at Koinup to see the latest finds. That way I won’t see an image↑ by Karro Lean and I won’t feel a compulsion to check out someplace I’ve never been.

With my experience and self-knowledge, I recognize that I wouldn’t be able to resist spending time at that location and I would forget my determination to buckle down and get things done.

Ukulhas Island (moderate)

It doesn’t matter how cool or funky a region like Ukulhas Island↑ might appear. In spite of ever present sim deathwatches, it’ll be there tomorrow or the next day.

My readers won’t miss one post and, given that a lot of people seem to be arriving on that location, they’ve probably found it on their own anyway.

Ukulhas Island (moderate)

No, this time, I’m going to focus. There is no place in my schedule for self-indulgence. It isn’t possible to get everything done that I might wish and denial will be good for me.

I’ll be the only person who knows just how hard this was, but I can take comfort from the fact I took care of business even if that’s not what I felt like doing.

Ukulhas Island (moderate)
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  1. I’ll get around to a more detailed and thought out reply sometime later in the week. Honest. :)

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