Nouns & Verbs & Second Life

Jasmine’s Hollow & The Dirty Grind (moderate)

Unlike Blanche Dubois, the kindness of strangers I receive (or in this case, blogger friends) never involves money. Information is the currency we trade and today I benefited from two such donations. First Caitlin told me about Jasmine’s Hollow & The Dirty Grind.

You have to love Second Life. How wonderful is it to arrive on the grid’s one and only Adirondack Steampunk Community? The cabins are private so don’t enter, but you are invited to explore both the town and the Club called The Dirty Grind. In order to find the latter you follow the words of The Friendly Giant and Look up, way up. If you’re lucky enough to know who I’m talking about, understand that I always get the rocking chair!

Jasmine’s Hollow & The Dirty Grind (moderate)

My other bit of valuable information came from Inara. I should explain something about myself here – way back when I first started out in consulting, I joined a company chock full of ex-IBMers. At the time, Big Blue was the monster in the room, all other hardware vendors were also-rans.

IBM had unbundled its offerings and started charging separately for advice when you bought a giant mainframe. This opened the door for a lot of new firms, populated by ex-employees, to go into business for themselves providing the “soft” services. I’m not sure why they hired somebody with a background in Poli Sci, but there I was.

Jasmine’s Hollow & The Dirty Grind (moderate)

For most of the first few years, I had no idea what they were talking about. Techie talk was impenetrable for me and yet I had to try help clients understand. My approach was to figure out which terms were nouns and which were verbs, learn to associate the ones that went together, and then deduce meaning.

This all came back to me again this morning when I read Inara’s post about Project Interesting and the new release candidate. I understood something was available and it was going to improve my performance. She explains how and it might make sense to you. I just ran with the important bits. :)

Jasmine’s Hollow & The Dirty Grind (moderate)

I did see improvement, a lot of it. It made exploring this sim a pleasure – over and above the delights to be found onsite. There was one small object that kept popping in and out of rez but this is a problem noted in the Known Issues and was easy to avoid.

Luckily for me, one object which had no problems appearing (ironically) was hiding in a tree up in the Club. The Bentham Cheshire Cat is the coolest critter I’ve seen in a long time. Go check out this sim and look for the small and wonderful special touches. Adirondack Steampunk is a lot of fun!

Jasmine’s Hollow & The Dirty Grind (moderate)
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  1. Adirondack Steampunk – who knew that was a thing?

    I heartily endorse your approach of determining which words are nouns and which are verbs. Call me old-fashioned, but both parts of speech are still useful.

  2. Inara Pey

     /  November 15, 2013

    Ta for the mention. Think I actually managed to blog about the viewer ahead of LL getting their post out; I had to update it when I realised they had *faint* actually blogged & included Andrew & Torley’s video.

    Jasmine’s Hollow / The Dirty Grind is one of those little treasures you tend to discover by chance while wandering around SL. I enjoyed my time there in summer, although it looks like a couple of things may have changed since then …

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