There Was a Time in Second Life

Manet (moderate)

I often want to start a blog post with the words “There was a time …”. I usually change my mind because I then have to go listen to this iconic song and then get lost and no writing takes place. Just waiting for that first transition is enough to make me forget what I was doing.

I am forcing my way through this time – although it is playing in another window. :)

Manet (moderate)

For many years in Second Life there was only one season. It wasn’t something that most people thought about – it just was. Then a few fall trees appeared and suddenly the idea that the environment should be modified to reflect the real world calendar became a “thing”.

Manet (moderate)

Textures, and weather systems, and Windlight are all vital tools to achieving the sense that our world has a rhythm. I visited a sim today that, in my mind, takes it to the next level. The combination of colours, textures, foliage, flowers, and Windlight creates something like a cross between Spring and Fall. It’s very pretty!

Manet (moderate)

I’m sure, if we could talk to her, Mother Nature might express a certain level of boredom with the constant cycling through the same 4 seasons. This is not an issue in the virtual and I’m sure She’s jealous.

I did tweak the default lighting a bit, with the exception of the image of the front of the store. I changed the time of day and the amount of density, I just didn’t mess with whatever the time of year we should call this. Spautumn? Fring?

Manet (moderate)
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  1. caramia Mizin

     /  November 17, 2013

    Beautiful pics caputre the seaons in this sim, Honor you bring up an interesting subject , as LL/SL is a USA based company, and many of the subscribers are in the Nth Hemisphere I often find the seasons are not insync with me, given I live in Southern Hemisphere that’s why, so Winter in December in SL , amongst a backdrop of snow & ice, winter clothes and all things associated with a Wintery Christmas is odd given it is usually a stinking hot 38C + over but still very enjoyable. Perhaps you can review a sim that reflects the Southern Hemishere…. ?

  2. oh my, I have this as part of my blog too. Italian fairytales are started this way “C’era una volta” which is there was a time or once upon a time!! Though I don’t go often to SL anymore I love the art and I too had a once upon a time story there! Lovely pics!!

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