A Second Life Break from Pretty

Virtual Decay (moderate)

There’s a point at which your mind and body rebel, when they insist that they need a break. I’m working on a project involving a lot of gardens and I just can’t take any more pretty! At least not for a while.

Today’s location gives my eyes a much needed vacation and allows me to indulge in some stunning post-whatever urban rot.

Virtual Decay (moderate)

Virtual Decay↑ is not just a stunning sim, it’s also a store. I know ….. this is not a shopping blog, but if you’ve ever wondered how to go about acquiring that rusty, broken down, and derelict landscape for your own private playground, here’s a great starting point.

Virtual Decay (moderate)

I haven’t built anything in a very long time – and it’ll be a while before I can afford the time. At least in the virtual. I have a project for rl that needs to be done – life would be so much easier if I could just rezz stuff and didn’t have to pull out the table saw. Although, those toys are fun to play with.

Virtual Decay (moderate)

I’d also love to be able to apply textures with a click. We’re very spoiled in the virtual (and, yes, I know that’s hardly news). It just gets more and more difficult to tackle these things when reality is required. :)

OK, I’m going to head back into the world of gardens. Just know that you can find beauty in something you wouldn’t want to have to experience in the physical world. There’s no harm in visiting. :)

Virtual Decay (moderate)
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