Get Off Your Virtual Butt in Second Life

Avidya (moderate)

This post is probably more about what I’m not showing you on Avidya↑. There just wasn’t room for the castle, or the boats, or the little village where you can buy used coffins. :) The point I’m trying to make, I guess, is that there is a wonderfully eccentric mix of voices, builds and visions laid out for you to enjoy on this island.

Here comes the segue ….. all of which brings to mind something I’ve been meaning to remind you about.  The 10th anniversary of the grid is coming up and the SL10B Community Celebration↑ will be a joyous event.

I can’t be involved this year, which is killing me. Community events are my favourite part of Second Life and this one will be very, very special.

Avidya (moderate)

Whether you’re 6 weeks old or a 10 year veteran, being part of the group creating and sharing this experience is something I highly recommend. It’s easy – go to the website↑, fill out one or more of the applications and get yourself in there.

Artists, performers, builders, and volunteers are all needed and wanted. Your voice is different from everybody else’s – make sure it’s part of this Community Celebration. Get off your virtual butt and fill out every one of the forms you’re interested in pursuing (even if you’ve been there before, you still need to apply again) – it won’t be the same without you!

Avidya (moderate)
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  1. DJ Frenzy

     /  April 27, 2013

    I would ‘jump in’, but I am still new and it is very nervous making to do what I do on that scale. Love your blog btw…..

    • don’t be nervous – we’ve seen brand new performers get up there – the venues won’t all be gigantic and you’ll have a blast! If you’d rather just volunteer then do that – but, if you’d like I’ll put you in touch with a couple of dj’s from last year and they can answer any questions you might have. :)


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