Some Tiny Jewels in Second Life

Grizzly Creek Forest Sanctuary & Main Store (moderate)

I saw this image↑ by Karro Lean and, once I got over the “Damn I wish I’d taken that!” period of envy, I went to visit the Grizzly Creek Forest Sanctuary & Main Store↑.

Unlike some, Karro is very good about including the slurl so that the rest of us can explore the locations she’s found. In this case it means I had the opportunity to play with depth of field while admiring the amazing work of Morgan Garret↑.

Grizzly Creek Forest Sanctuary & Main Store (moderate)

You can tell a few things about the man behind these exquisite creations. He loves birds, he has the patience to hand-paint very detailed and realistic textures, and he’s incredibly talented.

I’ve met a few people inworld who don’t walk around builds. They insist on flying – they’re busy people I guess. They won’t see these tiny treasures.

Grizzly Creek Forest Sanctuary & Main Store (moderate)

Grizzly Creek offers much more than a gorgeous variety of birds, but I couldn’t resist them. They’re cheeky little devils – great animations and I’d swear there’s some intelligence behind those eyes.

I think one or two of them will have to live on my porch. The difficult part will be deciding which ones. :)

Grizzly Creek Forest Sanctuary & Main Store (moderate)

I really wanted to take a picture of at least one in flight, however I’m handicapped by the fact that I was never a video gamer. Years of operating a controller might have given me the skills to actually get the camera to focus on one long enough to get a photo.

It was all set up in my mind and it would have worked. Really! I think. Maybe.

Grizzly Creek Forest Sanctuary & Main Store (moderate)
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  1. Stunning! These pics look so real.

  2. I’m no “birder” but I could really get into this!

  3. I thank you deeply for your mention honour, but more then that, I thank you for your appreciation and kind words. Yes I do love birds :) But in fact living surrounded by “The Mothers” glory everyday, I love ALL her creations and am simply trying to offer pale reflections, to the best of my ability, for all to enjoy in this medium. Thank you again and I am pleased you found a little joy in them. Be well……… Morgan

  4. val kendal

     /  April 1, 2013

    those are incredible, thanks for posting! (and I feel that way a lot about Karro’s photos (and yours)).

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