Doing a Dragon Injustice in Second Life

DragonLolth (moderate)

This will be a ridiculously brief post when I think about the destination. I had two choices (as I saw it) – give you far too small a glimpse of one island in the huge Dragon Empire of Uhre, or spend time I don’t have trying to look at all of this massive group of regions. I chose the former. :)

DragonLolth (moderate)

I haven’t done RolePlay or Fantasy in a while and this amazing Empire combines both – it’s also very welcoming to different species. I found some more photos on Ziggy’s blog↑ which might compensate a bit for my superficial presentation.

Did I mention that this place is HUGE? Ziggy’s right, you could spend days exploring these sims and enjoy every minute of them.

DragonLolth (moderate)
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