Ruins Discovered Near Second Life’s Forgotten City

Forgotten City (general)

The Forgotten City↑ is one of my favourite destinations on the grid and I return there frequently. It has a seemingly endless number of layers and alleys and details.

I envy those who live there and I’m in awe of the building talent.

Forgotten City (general)

I was thinking about it this morning and took a trip over there just to remind myself how wonderful it is. I discovered that explorers have begun to venture outside the City walls.

It’s still early, but they have found ruins of more areas in this once mighty steampunk civilization.

Forgotten City Ruins (moderate)

The scientists, archaeologists and adventurous are obviously taking their time and doing the excavations carefully.

What they have found so far is very exciting and it’s a testament to their professionalism that the discoveries to-date are very well preserved.

Forgotten City Ruins (moderate)

It appears that they are permitting outsiders to participate in this great project to uncover the secrets of the past. You could wind up living in the middle of an exciting adventure and help discover more remnants of lives long forgotten.

Now I’m jealous of even more of you.

Forgotten City Ruins (moderate)
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  1. It looks like the Forgotten City has some new little cubby holes to find. Cool

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