The LEA Arts Festival in Second Life

LEA Arts Festival

I rushed today because I wanted to get this posted – as a result I didn’t notice that my settings had been changed. So, these photos definitely don’t do the subjects any justice.

I hoped to show you some of the diversity awaiting you at the LEA Arts Festival↑. It is the last month of the current round of LEA Grants and there’s a lot going on.

DR Moreau Seaworld on LEA6 (moderate)

Going to the LEA sims for me is a lot like standing a kid in front of a giant candy counter. The variety and choice can make it very difficult to decide where to go and what to see.

The Festival provides you with a very useful tool – a Tour Bus HUD. If you like you can set it to choose sims randomly, or you can scroll through the options and decide your own fate.

Cica on LEA13 (moderate)

I can’t count how many artists are exhibiting at the moment – some have a sim all to themselves, others are collaborating in groups.

Some, such as Cica Ghost↑, are showing installations that opened months ago (that newbie by the way is a real avatar in the photo, although he’s actually 5 years old).

Metaverse on LEA11 (general)

Some exhibits, such as Dr Moreau Seaworld by Nexuno Thespian↑, are opening this weekend. All of them should be experienced before they vanish.

The Festival is also including machinima presentations, live talks with artists (and others), performances and tours.

Collaborative Works on LEA18 (general)

This is a really good opportunity to enjoy some magical art. You can find the calendar of events on the LEA Blog↑ but check the kiosks you’ll find on all the sims. Calendar information is there as well as your Tour Bus.

I’ll have more information on the next round of LEA Grants in a few days. In the meantime, go visit. Enjoy, get inspired, and appreciate some of the amazing talent in our world.

A Rusted Development on LEA1 (general)
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