Mesh Indulgence in Second Life

My New Home

I got myself the perfect Christmas present this year and I just have to show it off. Indulgence is sometimes a very good thing!

I love mesh. I love what talented creators can do with it and I love what it means for those of us who can take advantage of their use of this technology.

This holiday season I put myself on a list and gave Honour a new place to live. It was easy to find – I was working on an article about Jenne Dibou for the latest issue of Prim Perfect and saw her Watermill Home. I bought it immediately.

My New Home

This house has 4 or 5 levels, depending on how you count them, a working watermill, workshop and wine cellar (although some might think that area looks like a perfect dungeon), and all of it rezzes as a single object with a Land Impact of 140. It’s extraordinary.

She has used materials textures on some parts of the building, particularly the windows. I didn’t realize this until I put fixtures inside, but light reflects off the windows because of those textures. This is very cool!

My New Home

I had to landscape (of course) and indulged myself a lot more by getting mesh terrain, textures, trees, water, and rock walls from Alex Bader. This home is on the mainland but you’d never know it now.

I could have made it winter, but I wanted to see what it looked like in a warmer season. It’ll change next year as the calendar progresses – those trees switch seasons very easily and his terrain textures will handle just about anything.

My New Home

I used mostly old items from my inventory to furnish the place – but I’m gradually swapping objects out with mesh replacements.  It seems my nesting instinct is even stronger than my reluctance to buy things.

There’s still lots of tweaking to do, however self-indulgence is exhausting and I think I’ll just sit here for a while and enjoy. I can highly recommend putting yourself on a Christmas list – you’ll get exactly what you want. :)

My New Home
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  1. Amazing! I love the pics and this inspires me to find a nicer house (mainland too ofcourse:):)

  2. Beautiful build!
    Mesh content is the recent LL innovation that has had the most impact on my SL! Along with convex hull it has opened a world of possibilities without ever really coming close to prim limits on my land (mainland too :) ). It seems every time I go shopping I find more elaborate objects for decorating often with a land impact of 1. Once you have the furniture where you want it, try linking it together wherever possible — that often halves the LI again!
    The down side is that people with marginal graphics cards seem to have problems with lag around my builds. Time will take care of that as the normal progression of equipment obsolescence moves on.

  3. elizawierwight

     /  December 28, 2013

    Absolutely beautiful home (creation) and good on you Honour for allowing yourself a little something special. xx

  4. I think I might just have to buy myself a new house as well! It’s beautiful! :D
    I too enjoy living on the mainland…have been for the last several years. ;)

  5. The house is great, really beautiful!

  6. I went looking at that house recently and almost bought it. But at their store you can’t walk into the basement as some invisible solid thing blocks you – was not sure if it was bad collisions on the house, or some of the sample things rezzed down there.

    They have another similar house that I wanted to compare with, but if the shop has demos, I couldn’t find them. Only the current item on display seems to be viewable. The other one is very similar in style – no waterwheel; it could be a neighboring house in a quaint rural village.

    • Oh here’s a question – is there anything inside the house that would be ‘below water level’ if I put that thing on a plot such that the water wheel was sitting in ‘SL water’?

      Considering putting it in the middle of a river where I recently lucked into some swamp land. :)

      (Except I have no need of a house there… but it sure looks nice…)

      • not really know – there’s a slightly lower area in the workshop where the water will be visible but that’s deliberate. It’s actually a cool feature.
        Send me a message inworld and I’ll give you the slurl to my place so you can see – just ignore the terrain stuff in the back part of the wine cellar, I haven’t fixed that yet :P

    • hmmm well I can tell you that the basement feels huge – you go down one flight of stairs to the workshop area which has the door to the outside next to the water wheel. If you keep walking instead through a door and then down some stairs you’re in the first part of the wine cellar, you follow a tunnel into the back portion. Might look more like a torture chamber to those inclined towards that sort of thing :)

      • Well that answers my biggest concern: you mention going into the basement. IN the shop I hit an invisible wall trying to enter the basement. So whatever got me wasn’t related to the house if you’re going in there. :)

        I cammed all through down and saw tons of potential for things.

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