Tillicum Island in Second Life – A Photographer’s Playground

Tillicum Island (moderate)

I wanted to start this post by saying Klahowya Tillicum and did some research to make sure I wasn’t misremembering the meaning (Hello Friend). It turns out there’s a lot of history associated with the phrase.

Tillicum Island (moderate)

If you’re interested in linguistics, or ever used the greeting and want to know the context, there’s a great article on Chinook Jargon you might read. Don’t blame me if you start pondering colonialism. :)

Tillicum Island (moderate)

Back to Tillicum Island. I saw this image by Darkyn Dover and went to check the location out.

Set up by Tinker Drew and her partner Scott Yedmore, this is a region that just cries out for itchy camera fingers. Tinker is a wonderful photographer and knew what would appeal to the rest of us.

Tillicum Island (moderate)

I just realized as I was writing this that Inara also visited the island recently, you can read her post here and find out much more information about what’s available.

I’ll just add to her description by mentioning that there’s a cave as well. :)

Tillicum Island (moderate)
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