Hidden Gems (& yes that’s a pun) in Second Life

Moonwell Village (moderate)

I didn’t realize I was going to have one of those adventures today. I just wanted to explore a build I found floating above Moonwell Village.

It turns out I wasn’t alone.

Moonwell Village (moderate)

I tried to establish a rapport in the interests of saving humanity. They are, however, a rather uptight group of individuals. Very serious, curt, and well armed.

Moonwell Village (moderate)

I wandered around the town square, ventured into the administrative headquarters, training facility, and even their pub.

Then, making sure nobody was looking, I went to check out their living quarters.

Moonwell Village (moderate)

Everywhere I went I saw obvious signs of strict military discipline. At least I did until I hit the showers.

I’m not going to tell you what happened next. I will say, get them out of those tin can uniforms and these boys can be a lot of fun!

Moonwell Village (moderate)
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  1. Hidden Gems (& yes that's a pun) in Second ...

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