The Eternal Suspense in Second Life

The Eternal Suspense by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)

Giovanna Cerise’s latest installation is inspired by a theme presented by Friedrich Nietzsche – the dance, the balance, the dichotomy between the Apollonian (harmony) and Dionysian (chaos) aspects of Greek Tragedy.

She applies this theme to the balance we have to achieve everyday – which aspects of our character will be allowed to dominate. The Eternal Suspense is her way of asking if, in fact, we have to choose.

The Eternal Suspense by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)

You should use (what look like) spinning tops you’ll find to teleport between the levels of her installation. The descent from (the perhaps intended) rational, to the extreme vitality of indulgence, is compelling.

An analogy might be the difference between sitting in a law office being thoroughly professional, and the experience on a Florida beach during a school break. There’s lots of room in the middle, but at what point do you cross the line?

The Eternal Suspense by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)

This made me think of another area of balance in our lives, one I’ve had to confront recently and I have (brace yourselves) a new theory. I refer to age – more particularly, our perception of ourselves as young or old.

Those of us who have lived more than 2 or 3 decades can tell you that your brain doesn’t wake up one day and feel old. Oh sure, your body goes through changes (I think all our warranties expire when you turn 30), but inside looking out doesn’t suddenly operate any differently. I might temporarily lose nouns, but that’s just part of my charm. :)

The Eternal Suspense by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)

I’ve recently had some people in their 20s treat me like I’m somehow backward or ignorant. This is the first time I’ve had to deal with that type of thing and it has been baffling to me. I finally decided that they’re doing this because I have some grey hair. They see me as somehow less knowledgeable, less rational, less relevant.

If I had less backbone, and bought into their assessment, I would finally start feeling old. I don’t and I don’t.

So here’s my theory. They say “you’re as young as you feel”, I say you’re as old as you let people treat you. Giovanna postulates that I can decide to embrace all aspects of my psyche – I’ll think about that. I just won’t let anybody else decide if I’m past my best-before date. :)

The Eternal Suspense by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)

Art & The Tango in Second Life

Ocho Tango Place (moderate)

It has been years since my last visit to Ocho Tango, a wonderfully atmospheric dance hall situated in the middle of a rural pampas. There have been some changes (naturally) and they make it an even more enticing destination.

Ocho Tango Place (moderate)

If I’m remembering it correctly, the pampas used to extend the full width and length of the region. What we see now is a smaller island and the ocean has become a virtual art gallery.

Ocho Tango Place (moderate)

You’ll find sculptures by Mistero Hifeng↑ – always a good thing. If you like his works you can also visit a full sim installation by him on LEA29↑. That exhibit will close at the end of June when the next round of grants begin.

Ocho Tango Place (moderate)

Remember that applications are now being accepted for that 6 month grant of a full sim – get yours in soon!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to the grasslands. Rodolfo has promised to give me another Tango lesson and I really don’t want to be late. :)

Ocho Tango Place (moderate)

9th Circle of Hell & 9th Round of LEA Land Grants in Second Life

Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell (general)

Walk across the bridge and down into the 4 levels of the 9th (and last) Circle of Hell …

Dante’s The Inferno is the first part of his masterwork The Divine Comedy. Each of the 9 Circles he depicts reflect the sins he felt had to be addressed.

The subject of Hell is large so the poet created categories and sub-categories. The Inferno addresses the recognition of sin: there are sins of ignorance (1), indulgence (4), heresy (1), violence (1), and malice (2). The second of the malicious sins is treachery and it is that which Frankx Lefavre has depicted in Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell.

Here you’ll find 4 levels; traitors to family, to country, to guests, and finally to their benefactors or Lords & Masters. All are encased in ice for eternity.

Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell (general)

I planned to spend more time in this post discussing Frank’s fabulous depictions of Caina, Antenora, Ptolamaea, and Judecca (the 4 levels of the 9th Circle), but there are two other topics I need to touch on. For a more detailed description of this installation go visit Inara’s postand then go visit this exhibit! :)

First, we’re announcing today that applications for the 9th Round of LEA Land Grants are now open. Don’t be intimidated or sceptical about your chances – just submit yours soon.

Frank had seen the etchings done for Dante’s work, fell in love with them, and wondered if he could do something inworld. He applied, was accepted, and, as you can see, after much effort he succeeded.

Tell your friends. Tell people whose works you admire. Tell everybody to tell everybody to get their grant applications filled out – you have 3 weeks to submit for this round.

Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell (general)

If you, or your friends, are unfamiliar with the LEA Grants you can find more information by following the link. You can also ping any of us on the Committee and we’ll be pleased to help if we can (and meet in person if translators are required).

It might help as well if you visit the current installations. Go to LEA3↑ and you’ll see a circle of giant posters – click on them to get teleports and (in most cases) descriptions.

The second topic I need to touch on is inspired by Franks exhibit. He uses multiple Windlights  – each of the levels has its own. This has caused some problems for a few people.

The parcel descriptions tell you which Windlight setting he’d like you to use and that’s how I achieved them (by adjusting my settings myself). If you’re using Firestorm that will happen automatically.

Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell (general)

If you don’t use Firestorm you might not have all of the settings he selected. This isn’t a huge problem – you have 3 choices. Deciding to use that viewer is an obvious one, just not the one I choose.

My preference is to use the Lab’s viewer and add all the Windlight Settings I can find from every source out there. It’s not difficult. If you want the ones from Firestorm (for example),

  1. Download the viewer
  2. Find the program folder on your hard-drive
  3. Go to app settings/windlight/skies. Copy the contents to a folder on your desktop (it’s a good idea to hang on to them this way in case you ever need to do a clean install of your viewer).
  4. Find the Second Life folder on your hard-drive.
  5. Go to app settings/windlight/skies and copy/paste the settings from your new desktop folder.
  6. You can then delete the extra viewer if you wish.

Your third option is to use the Windlight settings you already have to create your own idea of the atmosphere surrounding the various levels of the 9th Circle of Hell.  :)

Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell (general)
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