Geocaching, Mystery & MadPea; Buried in Second Life

Buried by MadPea (general)

Those talented folks at MadPea are releasing their first inworld game for 2015 today. Yes, today.

Take one self-help book writer, Lily Morano, add the (in hindsight) logical introduction of geocaching to Second Life, introduce a spookily secret organization called C-Me, then announce that our heroine has been missing for two weeks, and you have a grid-wide adventure.

Buried by MadPea (general)

The idea of using a HUD to search the grid for clues and prizes isn’t new, but the geocaching idea is very cool and you know MadPea does provide wonderful puzzles.

This time the police have proved useless to help (well, duh, if they were competent there wouldn’t be a mystery), and her husband is offering a huge reward to those who can find her. You begin on a beautiful sim and follow clues with your tablet to Lily’s hidden ‘Lilypad”. From there you will venture out into the virtual world seeking answers.

Buried by MadPea (general)

I can’t give you any help with the task ahead of you. I’m more the “sit back and applaud your efforts” type of gamer. I will be visiting the sim again though – did I mention it’s beautiful?

You have to feel for Lily. One of the reasons I don’t watch horror movies is that there’s often this insistence on making our home/sanctuary/ the source of whatever threat is looming.

Buried by MadPea (general)

Finding yourself in jeopardy where you should feel the safest maybe really effective (OK, no maybe involved), but I’ll leave it to others.

In the meantime, please go rescue Lily. Learn about geocaching, seek your rewards, have fun – but find her dammit!

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