Moving a City & Some Links in Second Life

Yumix Prada (moderate)

Remember the City of Venice that was on the Prada sim? It isn’t there anymore (at least the region isn’t), however, since last Friday, it’s now part of a large group of islands under the Yumix name. It’s still gorgeous, but look for Yumix Prada to find it. :)

I wasn’t familiar with this group so I randomly TPd around to a few of them. It appears to be inhabited by people very fond of airplanes and ships, particularly with the theme of the Second World War from a Japanese perspective (I think ….. it was a quick visit).

The Hope Island (moderate)

I have a lot of catching up to do, so let me share a few bits & pieces I have kept open in tabs so I wouldn’t forget.

First – the next round of the LEA Land Grants Applications  are now available. You have until July 16th to submit your idea and I really encourage you to do so. If you’re not familiar with the Grants, go visit some of the current installations and various programs. There are 20 sims available for these grants plus a number of other opportunities/formats for you to exhibit your creativity. I will also have announcements of some new projects in the near future.

Yumix Villa (moderate)

I saw this article about a game that’s in beta right now and I was intrigued. In fact, if I was willing to link my cell phone to my gmail address/google account I’d give it a try. I’m not, so I won’t, but if you think it’s interesting, this is where you’ll find the download.

For some reason the idea of playing a game involving my real life location (you can add your own local landmarks to the database) while I was wandering around town anyway is appealing. The fact that I’ve resisted giving Google my phone number for so long is an obstacle I won’t be able to overcome.

Flora Yumix Japan (moderate)

I do want to remind everybody that you have two more days to explore the SL10B Community Celebration sims. The performances ended last Sunday but all of the exhibits are still open. I finally managed to get the Mesh Varsity Jacket out of the Lab’s vendor yesterday (yay!).

Find the machine and, no matter what the prize is on display, keep clicking the right side and it’ll scroll through them all. There is a limited number of each, but if there are any left you can grab one. I found mine at this location. You’ll discover many more gifts and freebies as you explore. Good Luck!

Yumix Canal (moderate)

SL10B, The Community Celebration & a Personal Looking Back in Second Life

Looking Back from the DJ Stage (general)

There is a wonderful exhibit by DrFran Babcock which celebrates the Looking Back portion of the Sl10B Community Celebration theme. If you’ve ever known somebody who collects commemorative spoons and plates, the creations will look very familiar to you. In this case, her collectibles highlight people and places that may be gone but are certainly not forgotten (aww Blondin Linden!).

I couldn’t get a photo I thought would do it justice – but you really need to visit the Classy Souvenirs of SL  and grab a copy of everything. Her very clever build, as much as anything at the event, made me think back to some of my own inworld highlights.

The Auditorium (general)

The Auditorium triggered one specific memory. The schedule for this venue is varied and includes many fascinating sessions, but it reminded me of the first time I sat in an audience in Second Life.

I don’t remember the name of it, but a real life symphony orchestra had recreated their physical location on the grid. They invited everybody to attend their opening concert through the magic of technology, and a great number of us got dressed up and went to watch the live performance.  Afterwards, the Conductor & Soloist joined us inworld for a reception. This was the first time I really understood how broad the magic of the virtual was – even more than the ability to build something, I fell in love with the idea of connecting with people and events around the world.

The Imposing Exterior of KT Syakumi’s Amazing DJ Stage (general)

Although I say a great number of us got dressed up – there were a few exceptions. One of which was sitting next to me in a remarkably casual outfit with very strange hair. I wonder whatever happened to Philip Linden.

I’ve had many of those moments since in my virtual journey. I’ve sat in an audience listening to Noam Chomsky’s avatar, attended panel discussions with Government officials from around the world, classes with philosophers, readings by authors, and conferences that made me think. That first experience, though, was a watershed moment.

Minna (general)

The whimsy and the fantastical are well represented at this birthday party. Everywhere you look there is something else to explore and enjoy (and, if you’re me, add to your list of places that need more investigation). However, being reminded of the opportunities for personal growth and acquisition of knowledge was good for me.

I don’t know what’s coming in the future. The past can’t be taken from us, I just hope we build on what’s gone before and create more incredible opportunities. I’ll try to remember to take advantage of them. :)

Pygar Bu’s Crossing over KT Syakumi’s Railway (general)

SL10B, Getting Wet at the Community Celebration in Second Life

Underwater at the Lake Stage (general)

If you’re like me you tend to forget just how much of Second Life is underwater. I was reminded of this as I stumbled around trying to wake up this morning and got very, very wet.

The Lake Stage (general)

As with most of my adventures, it began innocently enough. I wanted to capture the fabulous, fantasy Lake Stage. Dancing on top of a beautiful, albeit gigantic, mushroom cap would not have been possible before mesh hit the grid. You really need to see this build!

Then I opened my eyes a little wider and looked around.

Underwater Exhibits (general)

One of the things I enjoy about the Birthday Celebration is finding a bathosphere next to the Mars Lander (among other wonderful things). You’ll find a lot of ways to get under the surface and discover the world that many of our neighbours inhabit.

Maya Paris (general)

Luckily for me Maya Paris is also in this area, so I got breakfast and some much needed caffeine. Once fortified, I piled my towels on the walkway and dove back in. Make sure you check the stage and auditorium schedules. There’s something going on 24 hours a day if you need to dry off. :)

More Underwater Exhibits (general)
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