UWA Machinima Contest 2013 in Second Life

MachinimUWA VI – Reflections

Get yourself a piece of paper. Write on it, in big capital letters, “I am good enough”. Then tape it where you’ll see it everyday.

Now plan and execute your entry for the latest round in the University of Western Australia’s Machinima contest↑. You could win part of the prize pool, which this year totals more than L$1,000,000.

The Reflection Pond Next to Winthrop Clock Tower (general)

The theme this time is Reflections as the University celebrates her centenary and thinks about both the past and the future. There are a number of categories and some rules, but you’ll find all the details on their blog↑.

The UWA Sunken Gardens (general)

The rules aren’t very complicated, honest! They do specify that you use at least one of the 3 major areas of reflection on the inworld campus; The Reflection Pond, The Sunken Garden and the Somerville Auditorium.

The UWA Somerville Auditorium with its Norfolk Bay Pine Trees (general)

One of the prizes, L$50,000, will be awarded to the machinima that also best incorporates one or more of the works in the UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge↑.

You have from today until June 30th to submit your entry. You are good enough! Even if you’ve never held a virtual camera in your hands – if you have an idea, an itch to try – this is your chance to make some magic and, maybe, some money. :)

The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge Gallery (moderate)

The Fabulous OBR Video in Second Life!

A Sneak Peak at the OBR Stage

By now you’ve all watched the video↑ for the official theme song to the real world One Billion Rising↑ campaign (lyrics by Tena Clark, music by Tena Clark & Tim Heintz, choreography by Debbie Allen). You also know that we’re holding a 24 hour event↑ inworld.

It seemed to us that, since we dance in Second Life and making machinima is a favourite past-time, our own version of a theme song video would be appropriate. We’ll be posting the long list of credits for this project on our project website↑. I think you’ll like the results (it’s an understatement to say that we’re thrilled) and our world looks fantastic!

Watch it to the end – we wanted to include a small surprise for those who think SL is just full of cartoons. If you saw an earlier version please update your bookmark, this has the final updates. :) Enjoy!

Birth of Mecha in Second Life

It really doesn’t matter how often it happens, I hate being stupidly obtuse. This is going to be one of those posts where I really don’t know much of anything.

It will all become clear on December 21, 2012. I think.

A while back I told you about an installation called Limina↑. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t know the story or understand a lot of what was going on. Still, I loved the build and the obvious amount of imagination and thought that went into its design and creation.

I still don’t know the story, but I can tell you that its prologue is being filmed on LEA29↑. It’s a world and it’s a machinima set. There is a trailer↑ – as a tease it’s very successful. As an explanation … not so much.

Update: Here’s↑ an additional source of some information and clarification on participants’ responsibilities.

Full of colour and texture and extraordinary constructs and mechanical beings, this is a complex landscape born in the minds and imaginations of talented artists.

When you land you pick up a cool HUD that provides access to music and information and video (all where appropriate). Then you ride one of those giant bugs I saw in April down to the surface.

I might get this wrong, but I think  Whatduh Freck↑ is still the builder, with the construction/scripting/music aid of  RL sound artist Tony↑ and Xineohp Guisse↑ (who may or may not be Wardi, somebody who is also mentioned). There is more information available on the Sononovo site↑ (which I think is Tony’s). They were having server issues as I write this so I can’t tell you what you might learn there. :)

Update 2: OK Wardi has clarified the personnel :) Whatduh Frek = Xineohp = Wardi, Tony is Tony.

I can tell you that I found a type of assembly line – part of which was named “neural network”. It involves some interesting mech beings doing something.

I think you should go explore this strange world↑, just don’t take any mind altering drugs before you visit. This place is built extremely well and will give you enough to handle without augmentation. That much I do know.:)

In the meantime, I will tell you that the mech constructs are gorgeous. I don’t know what they’re called but, frankly, I named them “rat bastards” after chasing them around for ages. They will not stand still and move very quickly. So as a close up this sucks, but it’s the best I could do.

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