Passions in Second Life

Heightened Passion (moderate)

The name of today’s destination is Heightened Passion – a place for lovers, and it makes sure you know that it’s LGBT friendly. As usual, the only passion I indulged was the one I have for light and that camera button.

Heightened Passion (moderate)

One of my other passions is for words. I wish had more time to get the quality I want from both – at least on a blog post I can keep fiddling/editing/proof reading even once it’s published. Don’t you wish big named media conglomerates would do that with their websites? Surely they can afford to employ proof readers. The evidence would suggest otherwise.

Heightened Passion (moderate)

Another of my passions – at least as they relate to Second Life – involves the projects I seem to find myself involved in. Unfortunately, I’m doing 3 full-time “jobs” in SL right now and not doing any of them well. I’m working on that though. :)

The latest is the new season of The Blackened Mirror. If you’re not familiar with it, you can see last year’s episodes here, and watch the trailer for the upcoming adventures here.

Heightened Passion (moderate)

One of the reasons I mention this is that you have the opportunity to get involved as an Extra in the filming. Before you get too excited, check out my “dark side of filming” caution. :)  If you are interested, just join the inworld group called Blackened Mirror Extras Green Room. I’ll be posting notices with calls and details – it’s going to be a lot of fun, I hope you decide to be part of it!

PS Yes, I know what happens this year, and no I’m not saying. You’ll just have to wait and see. If you have a passion for Film Noir I can tell you that you’re going to love it!

Heightened Passion (moderate)

A Small Moment in Second Life

Sea Salts (moderate)

To quote the famous song from Blazing Saddles, I’m tired. The good news is that I’m on a kind of vacation for the first time in 16 years.

Sea Salts (moderate)

I don’t know how long it will last but I’m going to spend at least a couple of days relaxing. Today I visited Sea Saltsto find out what recent changes have been made. It’s different, but still pretty!

Sea Salts (moderate)

In the middle of some emails informing me I’d been awarded huge cash prizes, for something that wasn’t explained – must be my sparkling personality, I got a message from Anim8tor Cathy telling me I was included in the thanks at the end of a new video.

Sea Salts (moderate)

My only contribution to this wonderful work is having a blog that suggested some locations. You know what? I can’t do this kind of work but it doesn’t matter. It’s just nice to know that something I do was a bit of help. Enjoy this – it’s beautiful!

Visiting Construction Sites in Second Life

LEA18 Webseries by Marx Catteneo & Karakssus Jigsaw (adult)

I did some sneaky flitting around the LEA sims this morning – peaked in on some construction sites. I was protected though, sort of – the hardhat almost fit.

Marx Catteneo↑ and Karkassus Jigsaw↑ are creating a Webseries using this cityscape on LEA18↑ as their set. I’m not sure what the plot is, but there is a teaser video↑ and updates will be posted on Marx’ youtube channel↑. They are also promising an sl/rl drawings exhibition.

LEA20 Betty Tureaud’s Art Planet 2 (moderate)

Betty Tureaud’s↑ build is not yet complete, but she has a few levels installed and you’ll find a hud at the landing point↑ which will give you access. I admit that I resisted the temptation to go see what’s going on, although I’m very intrigued – you’ll have to discover that on your own. :)

LEA 16 Ascension by Mantis Oh (moderate)

This giant metallic creature may be a self portrait by Mantis Oh↑, or it might be the simple (?) Mantis Sphinx the artist claims. I will say that this↑ is a heck of a backdrop for a beach club and the events which are promised. It is really huge and complex and gorgeous.

LEA 20 Ole Etzel (moderate)

I have no idea what Ole Etzel↑ has planned for LEA 20↑. He has a variety of images on his profile so be prepared for almost anything if you go look. I will warn you about the man-eating shark though – good thing I have thick boots.

We haven’t had music on here for a while and talking about Ole gives me an excuse to show you (once again) a favourite machinima. Ole (as Mr. Bones) sings a song by John Hartford↑ – my first crush. His voice is perfect for this piece and he filmed it at an installation I loved by Simotron Aquila↑. Enjoy!

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