Strings, A Superb New Work by Cica Ghost in Second Life

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

There are many wonderful artists in Second Life. I know that when I hear about a new installation by any of them that I’m going to like it.

Every now and then, the word like is a gross understatement. I love Strings, the latest work by Cica Ghost.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Cica never gives to much away in terms of her thinking behind her builds. At least not to me. This leaves me with the freedom to come up with my own theories. *grin*

On the surface, this installation is all about an outdoor concert performed for the residents of an old apartment building.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

The characters you’ll encounter are fascinating. It’s not possible to tell in a photograph of course, but they move much like any audience does.

There are subtle shifts in body position, eyes blink, heads turn, hands adjust…

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Somehow their personalities are revealed, even with the smallest of cues. I have to admit the wardrobes are fabulous!

I think, however, that strings has two meanings in this instance.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

You’ll see people on their balconies or looking out of their windows. If you go inside this old building you’ll find out more about their lives.

Specifically – their family ties. From a man waiting for his wife to come back and play chess, to a small girl drinking from a large cup at the dinner table.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)

In addition to the concert and its participants/audience, Cica has created a stunning landscape where you can, if you wish, listen to your own music.

This is a beautiful snapshot of a moment in the lives of a group of people. Go see Strings – even if you don’t sense any other meanings.

Strings by Cica Ghost (moderate)
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  2. I real must stop playing with blender and go exploring again.

  3. Love this.


  4. The cellos are dance machine, and Cica have created her soundtrack also. Very nice work i think

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