A Journey from Past to Future in Second Life

The McFly Project (moderate)

The last time I visited the LICK Sim Designs sim it was all about the end of the world. Although I was aware that the design would change, I had forgotten to go see what was happening until I saw this great post by Eddi Haskell.

The McFly Project (moderate)

Sera Bellic has taken inspiration from the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future (omg we’re old!) to design a journey for us.

It is another very successful design and it’s gorgeous!

The McFly Project (moderate)

We begin in the ruins of an old fairground. Once you make your way through the tall grass and broken machinery, you’ll find the entrance to an underwater passage.

The McFly Project (moderate)

The drawbridge in front of you will open if you wish – and if you do that you can make your way to a very high tech control room. I don’t even want to know what portions of my life they’re fiddling with!

The McFly Project (moderate)

The future is found on the other side of that bridge. It’s all bright & shiny and clean. I think you’ll have to have a lot of money to live this way – or maybe this is a resort for those who do.

There are some cultural references which extend from past to future as well – finding both R2D2 and Rosie from the Jetsons made me smile. :)

The McFly Project (moderate)


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    Honour McMillan covers the McFly Project, which pays homage to the Back to the Future films.

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