Second Life, Windows 10, & Me

Flux Sur Mer (moderate)

I’ve mentioned before that there are a few regions where I really haven’t been able to take any photos. My FPS sinks to 1 and I just crash. My assumption has been that this was due to the ATI video card I got in my new machine.

My wish list contains a brand new, high end, Nvidia replacement – someday.

I mention this because yesterday I did the omgscary Windows 10 upgrade. I had watched my brother’s attempt and it wasn’t much fun.

Flux Sur Mer (moderate)

The difference between us is that he went for all the bells & whistles. I was much more timid.

I had to do a clean install of Second Life, but apart from that I have had no issues. In fact, my FPS has gone up and for the first time (after many attempts) I could photograph Flux Sur Mer.

I doubt my experience is relevant to anybody else, still just in case I’ll pass on what I’ve learned.

Flux Sur Mer (moderate)

  • Unless you want the fancy new stuff (writing on web pages, Cortana, etc.,), or synch all of your various devices (yes it works on iPhone), don’t use a Microsoft Account. You can still install and utilize Win10 with what they call a local account. If it asks you to create one of their accounts, go through the process until you see a window with a tiny box at the bottom saying Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended). The downside, again, is that “You won’t be logged in to OneDrive, Mail, Metro Music, or any of the other online accoutrement”. I won’t miss them.
Flux Sur Mer (moderate)

  • I was concerned about the privacy aspects of Win10 and so chose custom installation. The first thing it does is allow you to turn off all the data sharing where it’s optional.
  • I also told it that I didn’t want any of its apps.
  • I knew that I would need to update my video driver, and had already downloaded the ATI Win10 version, so I installed that as soon as I was up and running.

It could be Windows 10, it could be the new ATI driver, or a combination of the two – for whatever reason, my SL has improved. May you have the same experience!

Flux Sur Mer (moderate)
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  1. Willow

     /  August 8, 2015

    Honour, I had the same problem. As soon as I started to modify the Windlights my computer slowed to almost zero. I have been riding what I call the SL upgrade treadmill for a long time and I didn’t want to upgrade again and again. So I tried the Bright Canopy app which lets SL run on a computer with all the bells and whistles and only transmits the scene to you. It worked I can produce 6000 by 3852 pixel images and manipulate windlights how I want without a hiccup Its at It adds some cost to running SL but not near as much as a new graphics card.

  2. Willow

     /  August 8, 2015

    Yes keep it mind. In my experience SL is always needing new hardware for users that push things like we do. I bit the bullet and bough a new machine a year ago. Today it has already slowed down so SL is a waiting game again. So keep Bright Canopy in mind for six months from now. I now let them worry if drivers need updating or some other techie thing.

  3. I chose the cowards path and will stay with Windows 8.1 – I have a few friends here in Silicon Valley who have discovered older versions of programs stop working in Win 10. I have Adobe CS5.5 and Office 2003, as well as older versions of iClone and Toon Boom – and I really don’t like this new “rent the software” model some of these companies are going for now. So I shall opt out. But I am glad you have had a positive experience with it! Great post as always!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I’m still too scared to update but your post definitely helped!

  5. I tried Windows 10 on the laptop – I rather think it used different drivers for the ATI card as Windows 7, as I had to reinstall catalyst when I rolled back to W7. That may explain the better performance. Photoshop CS3 worked fine. The problem I had was program freezes – so many – especially on internet browsers. Which is a real problem while trying to troubleshoot! And I had turned off all the bells and whistles too.

    • I had downloaded the ATI Win10 driver and had it ready to install after upgrading. I think it is the source of much of my improvement.
      My upgrade was from 8.1 and I haven’t had any other program issues – yet. :)

      My understanding is that the move from Win7 is much more problematic.

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