Fool’s Gold in Second Life

AlphaTribe – Fool’s Gold (moderate)

I admit I’m a huge fan of Alpha Tribe. This has been true since that day, years ago, I was introduced to their fantasy skins (which come with complete outfits) by Dale Innis.

My passion for the brand increased when I first acquired and adopted their Dragon skin (I try others, but to this day it is the one that feels like “me”). It was enhanced further when I realized that Alpha Auer is a talented artist who creates magical installations around the grid.

AlphaTribe – Fool’s Gold (moderate)

I finally made it to their new, eponymous, region today. Alpha has produced a build which revolves around the theme of Fool’s Gold.

“Most of what you will encounter is new (and mostly golden): There is an “Orientalist” pavilion where you can relax, a shipyard where a golden ship is in the process of being built, an airship that is about to take off to distant skies, a pleasure arcade where you can swing on boats, gaze at clockwork creatures, and get many prizes from a grab-a-duck gallery. There are pleasure walks, gardens, and ruins. And, yes, there is of course also the store with lots of new outfits.”

AlphaTribe – Fool’s Gold (moderate)

There is a teleporter at the landing spot which will give you access to those areas in the air and below the water. For those who remember the previous location, both Blueprint City and the Pastoral sphere have migrated to this build (yay!).

Make sure to explore the ground level thoroughly – poke and prod, get inside the buildings, click on things. It’s fun and surprising and very golden.

AlphaTribe – Fool’s Gold (moderate)

You don’t have to be in the market for a fantasy skin to enjoy this destination. In fact, unless you choose to teleport there, you’ll never even know a store is present.

If you’re familiar with their skins/outfits, you’ll recognize a lot of the inspiration for the designs reflected in the textures of the build. It felt new and comfortable at the same time.

My last stop was the store – I really have to be careful when I go look at their new offerings. I plan to hang on to my Dragon skin as Honour’s “normal”, but having a few dozen of their other creations as special backups is always a good thing. :)

AlphaTribe – Fool’s Gold (moderate)
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