Baroqued in Second Life

South Baroqued (moderate)

Our journey today started with a photograph by Koro Carnell of a sim called Abuzuri. What I found was a group of islands, 3 of which (according to their blog) combine to form Baroqued.

South Baroqued (moderate)

There are obviously stores on these islands, but I was so captivated by the scenery that I never saw them. Syunin Arida is credited as the architect (the group just opened on June 14) and I’m assuming that includes the landscape. Gorgeous!

North Baroqued (moderate)

The two regions I had time to quickly explore are designed very differently. It’s a tough call to try and pick a favourite! You’re going to want to give yourself time to see everything – still you’ll have an excuse to return. The website mentions a ballroom and I found a cafe that’s very inviting.

North Baroqued (moderate)

There are 7 islands in this archipelago and a brief visit to one of the others tells me there’s more sightseeing to be done.

In the midst of all the beauty and atmosphere, I have to admit that the next shot is one of my favourite images. Go visit Baroqued – take your camera. :)

North Baroqued (moderate)
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