Experience Mizu – A Rainy Story in Second Life

Mizu – A Rainy Story (moderate)

You dropped the stone and broke it. From that moment on there was no rain. The drought has uncovered the old village of Izumi, hidden under the waters behind a dam …  well it was until you messed things up.

Mizu – A Rainy Story (moderate)

Mizu – A Rainy Story opens today. You wear the free HUD, get moved around, and wind up hunting for clues to the fate of the village and its inhabitants. I love these events!

There is a strict script limit – so get rid of all those resizers. :)

Mizu – A Rainy Story (moderate)

I wish my images did justice to this landscape – they don’t and my excuse is that I was distracted by the story. The website has much more information (in both Japanese and English) and is worth checking out.

Just grab the HUD, sit in a theatre seat and wait to be transported. :)

Mizu – A Rainy Story (moderate)

One of the reasons I love these events is that I see some wonderful avatars. I got his permission and grabbed an image of SAKUchan before he had to change to a low-script version of himself.

Luckily there’s a shopping area full of Japanese creators next to the adventure. My alt is really boring, so I need the help.

Mizu – A Rainy Story is open until July 7. Go enjoy!

Mizu – A Rainy Story (moderate)


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