The Fun of Entropy in Second Life

Entropy II (moderate)

I’m trying to catch up on this round of all the LEA Artist in Residence grants before they expire at the end of June. NaTaS Janus’ build (well, group of builds) on LEA28 is fun and snarky and diverse and full of freebies!

The landing spot gives you the option to teleport to 5 different areas. The “Gift Shop” is actually a small town which, yes, includes a gift shop full of free items.

Entropy II (moderate)

“Cliche” is described by NaTaS as his attempt “to fit in with the large bulk of other SL artists“. As I said, snarky! :)  It’s pretty with a distinct edge.

A lot of interest has been generated by “Blue”. Not only is the landscape bizarre and compelling, it offers a truly wild route for vehicle lovers to drive. You can rez your own or use one of the different options he has waiting for the visitor.

Entropy II (moderate)

Luckily for me (remember that driving ban I have) you can walk your way around the build as well. There are lots of levels, nooks, crannies, and surprises.

I’m not showing you all of the five areas of Entropy II, you’ll have to discover “E-Cadaver” and “Fast Food Hell” on your own. The good news is that you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. Oh and don’t miss the gifts at each location!

Entropy II (moderate)

I want to remind you that applications for the next round of LEA grants are now open. You have until the 3oth of May to get yours in and we want you to!

The process isn’t difficult and we really want to see your ideas. Imagine – you too could have a full sim for 6 months to realize your vision and share your creativity with the rest of us.

Entropy II (moderate)
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