A Pause to Refresh Second Life

The Endless Season (moderate)

What better way to take a break from SL Drama than to go visit something pretty? The drama does continue, and I’ll have more thoughts on that in the future, but there’s no need to let it totally consume our virtual lives. :)

The Endless Season (moderate)

I made a quick visit this morning to The Endless Season, Hezekiah Jouvenet’s beautiful region (love his name!).

The trip did not go without some difficulties though.

The Endless Season (moderate)

I can’t be the only person who anthropomorphizes Second Life. When glitches occur I assume s/he has personal issues and is throwing a tantrum. S/he is only 12 after all.

Today it was “network” – logging on was an interesting challenge. Staying logged on was an exercise in futility.

The Endless Season (moderate)

Still, I managed to get you 5 shots of a really nice landscape – not the best pics, but you’ll do better:)

If you hear giggling in the woods, assume it’s an elementary school-aged virtual world playing silly games. Puberty should be interesting ….

The Endless Season (moderate)
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  1. You’re more than welcome to pause the SL drama.
    I’ll hit rewind and watch it over… and over… and over…
    Super slow-mo, baby.


  2. orcaflotta

     /  May 14, 2015

    If SL really is 12 already – which is hard to believe for such a childish world – she’s right in the grips of puberty, so we’re in the thick of SL’s worst behaviour and moodswings and hormonal dysfunctionalities. Let’s hope she won’t come out of this phase as the cranky diva she’s playing now but as a real adult character.

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