Second Life History and Me

SL History 1999-2015 (moderate)

In the beginning there was the Rig ……

Today is my day for dwelling on Second Life history. Before I got to my annual, death-defying, idiocy I visited a variety of nostalgia-inducing locations.

The first two are on LEA – Sniper Siemens has a detailed, comprehensive, annotated, display of the path taken to arrive at the grid as we know it today. If you are not familiar with The Rig, or the other parts of our past, you owe it to yourself to take the journey – it’s well worth it!

The Man on Philip’s Hill (general)

The second major restrospective is on LEA2 and, if you’re looking for a way to over-indulge on gleaming chrome and high-octane delights, the History of Vehicles in Second Life will thrill you!

I stopped by one of the few remaining builds from SL’s alpha period and spent some time talking to The Man. Afterwards I dropped into the SL Historical Museum – one of my favourite places. If you don’t cheat and google it, you’ll find the background to the Hippo meme (among many other things). This isn’t an official Lab museum, it’s one of the Resident built contributions to preserving our history.

Linden Lab Playground (moderate)

Many of these old locations can be found in the Destination Guide – look in the category called SL Origins. You can seek out the original continents and sims, early builds, and (if you inspect objects) you can get to know something about the pioneering settlers.

As an example of how far we’ve come, I ended my tour at the current headquarters of the Linden Department of Public Works – I don’t think most people understand just how much work they do. It takes a lot of dedication, and passion for our world, to be a Mole and to accomplish railways, ports, networks of roads, castles, etc.

Meauxle Bureaux (moderate)

It was finally time to do the annual Poppins Challenge (before the sun got too high and anybody could see me). I missed my first two Rez Days (well, I didn’t know about it!) so this would be my 6th attempt.

I use this occasion to make a conscious decision about staying in Second Life. Once again, I concluded that it’s not just inertia that keeps me inworld. I may not have as much time as I’d like, but I’m not giving it up.

Another part of this annual tradition which hasn’t changed is that I am older (8 seems old), and maybe wiser, but I am still depressingly uncoordinated. sigh

My 8th Rez Day Poppins Jump
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  1. Thank you for your great blog. I always find out about great places to visit, and I enjoy reading about your adventures. I’m also glad I’m not the only one who is ‘depressingly uncoordinated’. Why do those buildings keep jumping in the way?

  2. Maddy Gynoid

     /  May 6, 2015

    Happy Rez Day!
    And thank you for your blog, your travelogues and your thoughtful view of things. :)

  3. Happy Rez Day!

  4. girlforgetful

     /  May 6, 2015

    Happy Rez Day to you! I’m sure you stuck the landing, at least.

  5. Happiest of Rez Days to you, Honour! Your photographs are so beautiful, and thank you for including the SLURLs. Can’t wait to check some of these places out! :)

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! Happy rezz day, if I hadn’t killed off my first avatar, swearing never to enter a virtual world again lol, I would 9. But my current oldest alternate avatar will be 7 on 5/15. I too will never SL and visit often altho I don’t have home or land there I’m a mermaid so all the oceans are my home. Again GREAT post and will definitely check out some of your wonderful suggestions to explore!

  1. Second Life History and Me | Second Life Destin...

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