Capturing the Wind in Second Life

Windwept (moderate)

I want to kiss the wind. Even as her stern hand makes impossible my mission of motion, even as she disrobes the world, even as she slices through my trappings and musses my hair.

Warm up your cameras and head over to Windwept, the beautiful group of builds designed by inez pennell (with cinderr).

Windwept (moderate)

The sea level landscape is one of those marvelous minimalist creations that contain a seemingly endless number of images to capture. I became obsessed with the various trees. :)

Windwept (moderate)

The windows at the landing spot will take you to the other windswept locations hidden from view, and the owners give you temp rezz rights.

Windwept (moderate)

In other dreams, she wakes and whispers in terrifying clarity that the valley has been robbed of all its trees in the night. I smile, she sobs… out each window, other worlds are inscribed across the distinct “Now. Here Now. Here. Now.”.. nowhere.

There is a new Flickr group for photos from this destination where you can see all the things I’m not showing you. I was going to close with my discovery of cold pizza, but I thought I should share at least one image from a different location on the island.


Windwept (moderate)
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