la Campanella & the Magic of Second Life

The White Garden (moderate)

Second Life made me very happy today!

One of the first ‘hidden gems’ I spoke about this year was The Outer Garden, Bisou Dexler’s beautiful tiny build. There have been some changes to it, but it’s still there and still attracting visitors who want to sit and enjoy the gorgeous, peaceful, surroundings.

He recently added a completely new creation to, what is becoming, a set of destinations within The Outer Garden.

la Campanella (moderate)

la Campanella is accessed through the original build – he speaks of having “hidden” the teleporter so I won’t tell you exactly where it is. If I can find it, though, you can – particularly since I did give you a clue.

It is also no hardship to look for it while exploring the beautiful White Garden.

la Campanella (moderate)

Something wonderful happened while I was enjoying this gorgeous little scene. I started taking pics of a really cute, tiny rabbit sitting on a crate. As I angled my camera he stood up, climbed down a ladder, crossed over to an outdoor cafe, sat down, and had a cup of coffee. It was not an avatar.

I plan to find out more about Dazai Voom and his Piccolis. They’re fabulous! If you click on that link you can watch some videos of them.

la Campanella (moderate)

I found two other things today – one of which may be useful to you. I’ve long thought I should have created a tag for posts that deal with builds by Japanese residents, and one of these days I’ll do that and go back and retag things. Finding them can be tough for those of us outside their community, but it’s always worth it.

It turns out there’s a Twitter hashtag which helps a lot – search for #SLjp.

The other (more personal) discovery is that it doesn’t take that much to make me happy – just a little magic. :)

la Campanella (moderate)
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  1. bisou dexler

     /  April 24, 2015

    Thank you for visiting!
    I was impressed with the introduction and beautiful photos:))
    You and your readers I hope that it will enjoy outer garden.
    Did you see garden in sky on the station?
    Go from the station to platform on foot, enjoy sky garden walk teleport or railroad line.
    Please enjoy garden in sky to follow railroad line!

    • Thank you for building all of it!! I didn’t want to share pictures of everything because I wanted to leave some surprises. :)
      You do beautiful work!!!

  2. Corcosman

     /  May 12, 2015

    Wow. This was spectacular and I was just scouting it as a location with the Photohunt alt, so I didn’t peer into everything. I did make sure to send a LM to myself so I can make a longer visit. Amazing what bisou has done with a 1/4 sim.

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