Button Blocked by Berry in Second Life

Xin (general)

Today’s trip was just for a chance to do some random puttering around with post-production on images. A kind of diy exercise to understand what different buttons do.

Xin (general)

I’ve spoken before about the free version of Perfect Effects which offers HDR etc., filters. (If you’re reading this at some point when that download isn’t available, search for their current product number and then search for its free version.)

Xin (general)

There are lots of things I don’t usually fiddle with – such as vibrance/saturation – and I thought I might even try black & white on a sim that seemed ideal for this purpose. sigh

Xin (general)

Luckily I was looking at my blogroll before I finished because Berry already did this. I might have called her a few bad names – only out of love you understand.

I still played with the buttons, but much more subtly. Next week I’ll tackle nostril hair and see how she likes it! (no, that will never happen!)

Xin (general)
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  1. As long as it’s my own nostril hair, I’m gonna love it! :P

  2. I obtained a free version Perfect effects 8 when they first gave it away and loved it so much. Then I got a great deal on the full Perfect Photosuite so I now have the 9.5 version of that. It integrates so well with Photoshop elements but effects is still the one I use most.

  1. Button Blocked by Berry in Second Life - Xin Si...

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