Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh in Second Life

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh (general)

You didn’t really think I’d ignore the opening of a new installation by Bryn Oh did you? I admit to waiting a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t indicate a lack of enthusiasm. I do have to prepare myself emotionally for her work – she takes great pride in making me cry.

Lobby Cam is situated in the middle of the Canadian prairie – in Saskatchewan to be precise. You’re surrounded by wheat fields moving gently to the rhythm of the wind.

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh (general)

The HUD will help you navigate the story – that of a lonely, isolated farmer.

I have to make a slight digression here. Bryn does a great job of giving you a sense of the endless prairie – unfortunately she has to build up the terrain around the edge of the sim so you don’t see the water. Pretend it’s not there and that those flat wheat fields go on forever. If you’ve ever driven across them you’ll know what I mean.

Hollywood once made a movie called Saskatchewan which they filmed in the Rocky Mountains. Not exactly a documentary. :)

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh (general)

Our lonely farmer lives in a renovated grain elevator and makes toys. The story got to me (as usual), the visuals are stunning (as usual), and I spent an enormous amount of time fixated on taking images of details.

Bryn’s builds have many layers, and it’s finding the tiny things which helps me deal with the emotional impact her exhibits have.

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh (general)

As for the title – well I’m not going to explain that. You’ll have to wear the HUD, follow the story, and explore this wonderful creation.

I would have titled this post “The Loneliness of the Isolated Farmer”, but I don’t want you to think that all of Canada’s prairie residents have this one’s psychological profile.

Visit and enjoy Lobby Cam – it’s another example of why the virtual world is such a fabulous platform for art.

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh (general)
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  1. I’ve been through the whole story and I love it! Thanks for blogging about it . . .

  2. I like that youve taken your time to write about Lobby Cam, so your genuine admiration towards the work is reflected in your post, which I enjoy much more than rushed news from the web’s fast lane :) love your snaps of the little details, they always get to me with Bryns work too.

  1. Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh in Second Life | Second Li...

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